BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Klaus Schwab Says Chinese Lockdowns to Expand Worldwide

Breaking Live: Chinese Citizens Revolt Against Great Reset Endorsed by Klaus Schwab

The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt returns to the theme of waking the masses to what the Global Elites are up to, includes war on God. In fact, Klaus Schwab advisor, Harari came right out and admitted it: “The whole idea of Jesus Christ & Resurrection – this is fake news!”!
Seems as if the COVID pandemic is over but the political & corporate leaders who gathered in Bali for the 2022 G20 summit, it is anything but! In fact, they’re already planning the next one, why they’re calling for preemptive global lockdown measures!
This madness doesn’t have to become our reality. There is a way out!!
WHAT’S NEXT? (The G20 Summit & Future Lockdowns)

NEW - Klaus Schwab says China is a "role model for many countries" and proclaims a "systemic transformation of the world" on Chinese state television.

Unelected World Leader Klaus Schwab Shows Up To At G20 In Indonesia To Give The Orders For The ‘Deep Systemic Restructuring Of Our World’

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WEF’s Klaus Schwab Gives Speech To G20 On The “Need To Restructure The World”

WEF’s Klaus Schwab Hails the Great Reset’s Progress at G20 Summit

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