Chip Roy spearheads legislation to defund K-12 schools that teach critical race theory concepts

Maine Republicans propose legislation to reduce heating costs

MTG to Declare Antifa Domestic Terrorists in New Legislation

Fox News reported US Democrats’ proposition of new legislation to eliminate the debt ceiling. According to report, dozens of House Democrats have proposed legal framework to allow government to borrow capital “without any set limit by Congress.”
The devised legislation arrives after the United States Federal Government surpassed the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling last week. Moreover, House Republicans have countered the efforts of Democrats with the call for a cutback on record Federal spending.

House GOP gives lawmakers a chance to amend legislation for the first time in nearly 7 years

Florida Gov. DeSantis announces prescription drug legislation

Epic! GOP Legislation Hopes To End US Funding Of The World Health Organization (WHO)

Daily Surge Thursday ...

-- Hoo-Boy … ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Is So Much Worse Than Just Bad Legislation …
-- This Season’s Reminder: Amazing Solution to the Age of Outrage …


-- Hoo-Boy … ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Is So Much Worse Than Just Bad Legislation …

40 House Democrats join legislation to bar Trump from public office

Biden backs adding Manchin's energy bill to defense legislation despite progressive opposition

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