Harry Two
8 months ago
July 12, 2023 #FrankSpeech #LindellNetwork #DiamondAndSilk realDonaldTrump warroom
Peymon Mottahedeh Talks Taxes and Dr. Stella Talks About Mosquitoes and Malaria https://frankspeech.com/vi...
Alex Jones
8 months ago
BREAKING: Bill Gates Released Mosquitos That Spread Malaria In The United States https://battleplan.news/wa...
Twisted Eagle
1 yr. ago
Mosquitoes already being used to deliver "vaccines"

A box of 200 mosquitoes did the vaccinating in this malaria trial. That's not a joke!
Volunteers for the trial put an arm over a box with hundreds of mosquitoes carrying a genetically modified malaria parasite.

Robert Bassett
3 yr. ago

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