2 months ago
credit to mrReagan
Jay Hall
6 months ago
** God's Glory, Corona is OK, Peoplez are Crazy **
Mysterious ballad smashes thru the #HitParade
This old man and me
We're at the pub and wii
Talkin' politix and
Portland's lost RED bricks
We talked about God's grace
And all the towns we razed
God is glorious, Corona is OK
And peoplez are crazy
What brings you to Redpillo?
Frankly, I just don't know
We spoke of life and death
He lit a cancer stick
Front page obituary
Death's knock just won't tarry
#BillyCurrington #OliverAnthony #PeopleAreCrazy #GreekMythz #GeorgeBarna #GotPollz ? #SurveySez #richmin #Mr_E #TwoTim3 #NextWeek #JeffDurbin
Harry Two
9 months ago
May 18, 2023 #breakingnews #NewYorkPost

NYC hospital worker in viral CitiBike fight ID'd as family sets up GoFundMe to 'save her livelihood and reputation' https://nypost.com/2023/05... via nypmetro
Fearfull Adventure
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Robert Bassett
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