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Twisted Eagle
4 days ago
On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we remember the lives lost 82 years ago.

We salute our troops today and never forget the sacrifice these brave men and women made to protect our great nation. May God be with them and their family as we remember their lives.
Alexander Rogge
2 months ago
A pairing of a waning gibbous Moon and Jupiter with its four Galilean moons visible tonight dances in the sky after the Harvest Supermoon. Uranus and the Pleiades (M45) in the constellation Taurus follow in the glare of our Moon that is illuminating the zenith on its way to setting in the western sky at sunrise.


#Moon #Jupiter #Pairing #NightSky #Astronomy
Alexander Rogge
4 months ago
David Dickinson - Catch a Cycle of Lunar Occultations of Antares Starting This Week:


#LunarOccultation #Occultation #Antares #Moon #NightSky #Astronomy

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