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Italian Department of Civil Protection: "The Italian government has released a tsunami alert as a result of the magnitude "7.9" earthquake. It says the epicenter was between Turkey and Syria".

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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and protest against the US's use of force to attack civilian unmanned airships".

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DoD: "This afternoon, at the direction of President Biden, U.S. fighter aircraft assigned to U.S. Northern Command successfully brought down the high altitude surveillance #balloon launched by and belonging to the People’s Republic of China (PRC)".

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A specialist in surveillance balloons says that balloons are difficult to shoot down and that the one over the United States flying over U.S. military sites looks to have been equipped with an advanced AI guidance system.

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The Chinese "spy balloon" over the United States has altered its flight path. A second balloon has also been spotted hovering over Latin America, according to the Pentagon. Explosion reported over Billings Montana.

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