Let's Go, Brandon! #PedoHitler
This 34 second video has had 514,835 Views since last October 8th and it has enabled over half a million patriots to tell Joe Biden what they think of him. Millions more would like to have the same opportunity, so please keep posting it everywhere you can.

Dear #PedoHitler , Here's Your Sign!

Delusional #PedoHitler
Go ahead Joe, choke on it!
BIDEN in January: The stock market has hit “record after record on my watch!”
NOW: The stock market has lost trillions in value since Biden took office.

Dementia Joe #PedoHitler Up to His Usual Antics
"Jackie, where's Jackie?," Joe Biden says about Rep. Jackie Walorski who died in a car accident a few months ago and right after a tribute video had just played for... Rep. Jackie Walorski.

Looks like World War 3 is about to commence, thanks to #PedoHitler !

White House Staff to Fit #PedoHitler With a Jingle Bell Collar

Sodom & Gomorrah 2022: So much for being a "Good Catholic."

The propaganda news now called FAKE NEWS isn’t reporting the real crisis the "GREAT RESET" is facing which is – their puppets have lost control!

The greater good of the Khazarian Collective who are hell bound is a runaway train.

Sad that this is what we have #PedoHitler with RmL disorder. The Blind Leading the Blind is an understatement. He isn’t a harmless old man, he was/is a very wicked man who did very bad things to little children and people and assisted in toppling nations for profit – including the United States.

Before the #fakenews lies about it again, here’s a real look at the crowd at the Trump Rally in Wilmington North Carolina! #YUGE

Just Remember: #PedoHitler can't fill a high school gymnasium in Des Moines, Iowa let alone anywhere else!

This is called Tyranny. It is unconscionable, illegal, and unconstitutional. #PedoHitler needs to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE by any means necessary!

Now They Need to Make One That Says #PedoHitler Edition
I've got a feeling they're not going to be able to keep up with the demand for these.

An angry and vitriolic Joe Biden threatened millions of Trump supporters during a speech in Pennsylvania bathed in demonic red and shaking angry fists. Biden called MAGA Republicans “a clear and present danger to our democracy” and a “threat” to “the very soul of this nation.” After backlash from his divisive speech, Biden attempted to walk back his attack on 75 million Americans and now says he doesn’t consider “any Trump supporter as a threat to the country.” On Sunday, he attempted to suggest it was ‘MAGA proposals” that are the threat!!

The One Time #Pedohitler Draws a Crowd...
The one time Pedohitler draws a crowd, he gets heckled:

“You stole the election. You’re a pedophile too!”


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