NEVER give in to Replacement Theology. The Church replacing Israel. It is a heresy that leads to another heresy. It will be then Replacement Marriage (same sex marriage) which will divide families and churches. It is this type of marriage brings in pornography, pedophilia, transgenderism and all sorts of things from the pit of Sodom and Gomorrah. God still have a remnant of Israel to be saved in the last days.

Remember "Deep Throat?" He was an FBI agent. The FBI has been CORRUPT since BEFORE Watergate!

Forget about the war on drugs, it doesn't exist. Forget about the war on pedophilia, it also doesn't exist. It's not like there aren't plenty of REAL criminals to target, the FBI has been targeting common everyday citizens for decades, manufacturing evidence to get convictions. Between the CIA and the FBI, they are the largest criminal organizations in the entire world. They're not here to protect you. They control most of the drug trafficking and human trafficking worldwide and they use the profits for their activities.

The Libs Want You To Accept Pedophiles
Believe it or not, the liberals continue to justify pedophilia. We all said this was going to eventually happen, and each and everyday, we get a step closer.
One more step closer…
Radical liberal, licensed counselor, and sex therapist Miranda Galbreath says, we should say, “minor attracted persons” instead of “pedophiles”. It’s a judgmental word dontchknow.
She goes on to explain, we don’t have a choice if we are heterosexual, homosexual or even a pedophile. That sounds like a lot of excuse making to me.
Licensed counselor and sex therapist advocates for “MAP” (minor attracted persons). She says they are ‘vilfied’ and ‘marginalized’ and shouldn’t be reffered to as pedophiles.
Read more here: https://worldeventsandtheb...

Counselor (she works for the #Pennsylvania Department of Corrections) For #SexOffenders Defends “Minor-Attracted Persons”
Suggests #Pedophilia should be accepted as a normal sexual preference.
I #DemandCapitalPunishment

Democrats And MSM Frantically Attempt To Hide Monkeypox Outbreak Among Children Uncovering Pedophilia Epidemic In America
Stew Peters ✝️🇺🇸, [7/8/2022 6:52 PM]
This is what it looks like when we say that Satan has INFILTRATED the Church.


Stew Peters releases an exclusive look into his upcoming documentary "These Little Ones", which tackles the dark underworld of CPS sex trafficking, elite pedophilia, and the shady death of truth seeking icon Isaac Kappy. Coming soon in mid-July!

Top Biden Staffer Defended Gay Pedophilia Prostitution Website Raided By Feds in 2015 Article
Stew Peters ✝️🇺🇸, [6/30/2022 4:57 PM]
We are LIVE!🔥🔥🔥

Evil has no place in this country!


Foster System Breeds Pedophilia: Taxpayer-Funded Child Sex Trafficking
The Stew Peters Show
JUNE 30, 2022

Anyone who defends pedophiles should be treated as one and be arrested.
Liberal Professor Defends Child Predators, Says It Should Be Destigmatised
A Norwegian professor is calling for de-stigmatizing pedophiles claiming that being sexually attracted to children is “very common” and having that attraction isn’t immoral as long as no children are harmed.
According to a report in Reduxx, Oslo Metropolitan University “queer” ethics professor Ole Martin Moen is calling for legalized AI-generated child pornography, arguing that pedophilia should be considered an innate sexual identity.
Moen serves on an advisory board for Norway’s Patient Organization for Gender-Incongruence, a trans activist group.
He also recently targeted a Norwegian feminist now under police investigation over a tweet she sent arguing that men can’t be lesbians.
Read more here: https://presidentialhill.c...

‘Queer Ethics Professor’ Calls For Pedophilia To Be Destigmatised And Taught In Schools
A so called ‘ethics professor’ from Norway has claimed that pedophilia should be classed as an ‘innate sexuality’ and taught in schools.
Yes, really.
Reduxx reports that Ole Martin Moen from Oslo Metropolitan University is calling for the ‘destigmatisation’ of pedos, claiming that “the mental state of finding children sexually attractive is very common.”
Moen, a gay man who identifies as “queer,”also claims that a significant “percentage of high school students have an innate pedophilic sexual identity,” something he equates with those who identify as LGBTQ+.
Oh, are we finally adding the ‘P’ now?
What colour will the pedos have on the rainbow flag?
The report further notes that ‘professor’ Moen authored a paper back in 2015 titled “The Ethics of Pedophilia,” in which he asked “how bad is” pedophilia, “And in what ways, and for what reasons, is it bad?”
Read more here:

#DemandCapitalPunishment - ‘#Queer Ethics Professor’ from #Norway Calls For #Pedophilia To Be Destigmatised And Taught In Schools - Claims that a significant "percentage of high school students have an innate pedophilic sexual identity"

With Colleges teaching incoming teachers that pedophilia is natural, is it of little wonder that there is an uptick in these cases in schools?

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