Pentagon must ditch ‘woke,’ focus on readiness to deter China from taking Taiwan: top Republican says

West Point continues to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandate, despite rule's lift by Pentagon: report

Group of Pentagon Officials Secretly Lobbying Sending F-16 Jets to Ukraine, Reports Say

New York Times: The United States will increase the production of artillery shells by six times for deliveries to Ukraine.
According to a high-ranking Pentagon official, they are mainly talking about 155-mm caliber shells, the most widely used by Ukraine. It is expected that in two years their production will increase to 90 thousand units per month from 14.4 thousand shells per month now.
This is the largest modernization of the US defense industry in the last 40 years.

Pentagon preparing for Speaker McCarthy to visit Taiwan

Pentagon pivot: Officials ‘not pursuing’ back pay for troops fired after refusing vax

A look inside the Pentagon, the heart of the US military

Over 350 new reports of UFO encounters sent to the Pentagon

Pentagon considers back pay for troops discharged over now-repealed COVID vaccine mandate

Pentagon drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops

Pentagon ditches COVID vaccine mandate for troops

Lavrov Says Pentagon Threatening To Assassinate Putin

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