Industry 4.0 Market Manufacturers, Scope, Type, Application, Regions and Forecast to 2027
Market Size – USD 71.63 Billion in 2019, Market Growth – at a CAGR of 16.3%, Market Trends –Proliferation of Internet in industrial applications

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The global acrylonitrile butadiene styrene market share is projected to reach USD 42,809.5 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period. The phenomenal growth in the global construction industry will be a prime growth driver for this market, states Fortune Business Insights™

The construction industry has entered a phase of prolific expansion due to the rapid growth in world population and the proliferation of residential and commercial spaces in urban areas. According to a study by Oxford Economics and Global Construction Perspectives, the volume of construction output is slated to grow by 85%, hitting a value of USD 15.5 trillion by 2030. Led by construction activities in China, India, and the US, Oxford Economics, in a recent report predicted that even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry will rise by 35% and reach USD 5.8 trillion by 2030. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a versatile thermoplastic, is known for its structural sturd

Global Oncology Nutrition Market Full Analysis
Global Oncology Nutrition Market, By Cancer Type (Head and Neck Cancer, Stomach and Gastrointestinal Cancers, Esophageal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer, Blood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Others), Nutrition (Enteral Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition), Formula (Standard Formula, Elemental Formula, Specialized Formula), Route of Administration (Oral, Parenteral), End-Users (Hospitals, Homecare, Specialty Clinics, Others), Distribution Channel (Hospital Pharmacy, Online Pharmacy, Retail Pharmacy)
Market Analysis and Insights Global Oncology Nutrition Market
 Oncology nutrition market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2022-2029. Data Bridge Market Research analyses the market to account to grow at a CAGR of 7.91% in the above mentioned forecast period.
 Cancer is characterised by the unregulated proliferation of aberrant cells. Tumor cells or malignant cells are the names given to these cells.

Video: #Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono, #Hawaii Issues “Literally A Call To Arms” Against #ProLife Movement

I have been a big fan of Shadowrun 2nd and 3rd editions. I have not been able to get into newer SR for a few reasons. 4th I have issues with the merging of Decker and Rigger into the Hacker, the homogenization of the Shaman and Mage, and the proliferation or wireless everything (just doesn't feel cyberpunk). 5th edition I had issues with the editing, wireless everything, and the nanobot personality overwriting storyline. 6th ed core book was such a complete pile of unedited shit that I never looked past it.rnrnSo does anyone have a suggestion to scratch that Cyberpunk itch? And don't fucking suggest D&D 5e based anything.

#Shadowrun , #Cyberpunk , #RPG

Arte Casa: Best Marble Worktops in London

Artecasa Interiors provides bespoke collection of marble worktops in London UK. Marble worktops are very efficient because they are not toxic and require very little maintenance. They are also said to safeguard against bacterial proliferation while keeping their gloss and texture constantly when used in your kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is also a brilliant insulator of heat because it is porous, and so the worktops remain cool. Explore our products range today!

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Final review and agreement of the U.N. Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which is its foundation for nuclear disarmament, was blocked by the Russian Federation due to its critical statements regarding Russia's special military operation in the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

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WEF wants to use AI to automate censorship of “disinformation”
According to an article published by WEF, there is an urgent need to utilize “human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence into learning sets” so that AI can detect online abuse before it ever reaches mainstream platforms.
The Forum says this is necessary to stop the proliferation of everything from child abuse to extremism, disinformation, hate speech, and fraud.
“Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in,” the WEF article reads. “This more intelligent AI gets more sophisticated with each moderation decision, eventually allowing near-perfect detection, at scale.”
The article continues, with the author stating that there is a lag between when new novel abuse tactics are created and when artificial intellig

'Slap in the face': #ProLife Americans urged to boycott this major retailer - #Target -


The DPRK has legally withdrawn from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and has the right to self-defense, - the statement of the Permanent Mission of the DPRK to the UN

Whitmer vetoes $20M in pro-life adoption funding; rips crisis pregnancy centers as 'fake health clinics'

Rep. Chip Roy slams Biden for 'undermining democratically passed laws,' floats federal pro-life protections

It is hard to find a successful company nowadays that does not have a strong web presence. As a result of the proliferation of website creation platforms, the process of Custom Web Development Services is now in its most accessible and cost-effective state ever.

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