Harry Two
6 months ago
August 30, 2023 BREAKINGNews #MarkDice RayUCFT realDonaldTrump warroom aljp
The Late Night "Comedians" Have a Major Problem! ?? https://youtu.be/pxTVQRrMl... via @YouTube
The Late Night "Comedians" Have a Major Problem! ? - YouTube

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Jay Hall
8 months ago
** Van Damme vs. Van Til (aka Van Til - An Apology) **
The famous action figure was raised Roman Catholic. Of course the big apologist in the #RCC world is the "Angelic Doctor" Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274). In definite contrast to Aquinas' tactics is Van Til's presuppositional approach.
Cornelius Van Til was a Christian apologist who moved from the Netherlands. He taught Apologetics at Princeton Theological Seminary for one year! Van Til was Apologetics Prof at Westminster (Philly) from 1929, when it was founded, till 1972. That is, Van Til 1972‼
Any fact must be based on the axioms of the Trinity, the Bible is true and Christianity if real. Unless we look at life through a Christian worldview, nothing makes ultimate sense.
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Also, included is my paper "Apologetics 101" with helpful discussion questions (8 pages).
Mary Bourne
11 months ago
? Nigeria CBDC Adoption Spikes As Fiat Currency Shortages Grip The Nation - YouTube

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Fox News
1 yr. ago
NRCC gives embattled Katie Porter a Valentine vowing to ‘flip this seat’ in 2024 https://www.foxnews.com/po...
1 yr. ago
Kellyanne Conway: Biden's created a parallel universe with Americans - YouTube

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway criticizes Democrats' denial of voters' concerns in the midterm elections on 'Kudlow.' #foxbusiness #kudlow Subscribe t...

Fox News
1 yr. ago
NRCC pulls ads for Majewski after reports he didn't actually serve in Afghanistan after 9/11 https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Fox News
1 yr. ago
NRCC chair Emmer: Midterms all about ‘security’ problems caused by ‘failed Democrat policies’ https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Fox News
1 yr. ago
NRCC chair Emmer: Midterms all about ‘security’ problems caused by ‘failed Democrat policies’ https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Fox News
1 yr. ago
NRCC 'spotlight' highlights combat veteran who 'rescued thousands' from Taliban control in Afghanistan https://www.foxnews.com/po...
2 yr. ago
EMERGENCY ALERT - Ag Alert - All Drought Farm and Ranch LANDS - INVASION
Destructive bugs attack North State crops, pastures

Ministry Of Truth
2 yr. ago
Here we see our Beta Male showing off his prowess behind the wheel after 6 more women allege Trump tried to grab them by their steering wheels!
Larry Smith
2 yr. ago

This is a minimized number, double, triple or quad that and it might be "more" realistic! The invasion is for a takeover of the United States for you know who, (RCC).
GA Log Cabin GOP
2 yr. ago
Republicans lead preference polls https://thehill.com/homene...

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