In response Stanley Bolten to his Mumbl

Kash Patel just retruthed a post from five months ago saying that Trump would act before 2024! 👀
So Trump just played WWG1WA song and now this?
It’s happening Patriots!!

What they (WHO & Devils) are done it's what Communists do with all countries taken by these devils.

Memory-Holed: The WHO Document from 2015 That Can No Longer Be Found

What Is the Significance of This Document?

- Facilitated early dissemination of big pharma's "results" in the media.

- Facilitated publication of big pharma trials in favored journals.

- Facilitated emergency use authorization of remdesivir, molnupiravir, paxlovid, and COVID-19 gene-based vaccines without independent peer review and adequate safety data.

- BUT for ivermectin, only negative studies were published, with hindrance of study publication and discrediting of scientists who reported positive results.

Dr. Tess Lawrie: "According to that document, ivermectin should be authorized, at the very least given emergency use authorization like the new drugs that are being offered, but the page has now been taken down."

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Now we are in totally disvantage because they are TOTALLY SURVEILLANCE US in this WWIII because that is even more Lethal and Dangerous and are Enslaved much more Western World even USA now than in the WWII...

*Attorney Thomas Renz:*

We're Winning: The Globalists Failed to Get Compliance and Woke Up the Masses

Attorney Thomas Renz: "If they got to 90 [or] 95% [vaccine compliance], we [would be] in trouble, but I believe there's at least 30% of America that's fully awake now. And that 30% are the people that do have the guns, that do have the spine, and that will [take a] stand."

Full Video:

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It's their revenge...
That Americans letting de deployed...
Since 2016...
We warning Americans and give solutions to stop this hell before this hell started to happen but they listened Psy Ops called QAnon that don't let Americans organize Large

Vigilant Fox:

MTG Puts Liberal Hypocrisy on Full Display, Calling Out Their Special Privileges With Guns

"Here at Congress, the same congress, that's voting to send just millions and millions of dollars worth of guns to Ukraine ... is the same Congress working as hard as possible to take away the Second Amendment rights from Americans ... 'Red flag' gun laws violate Americans' due process rights, and this is the type of thing that we shouldn't be passing in this Congress, especially while we enjoy the very privileged, elite special protection — of guns."

VigilantFox | Rumble | ReTruth

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