Friends, Governor DeSantis mentions “The Civil War Within The GOP”!

The “CIVIL WAR” in the GOP! It is the corrupt, anti-American RINOs, creating the problems! Everyone of these anti-American RINOs has either ignored their Oath of Office, or they LIED to get into office! If so, they need to be removed from office for LYING to illegally use their office against the American people!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) responded to inquiries about former President Trump, ranging from the president’s upcoming announcement to his recent “attacks” on the governor, but DeSantis continued to keep his nose clean, unwilling to criticize the president but instead targeting the mainstream media and woke corporations while trying to dismiss everything else as “just noise.” FIRE RINOs!

In response HOWARD STAFFORD to his Mumbl

And who is out to discredit him, the lame steam democrat propaganda machine and the politicians both democrats and RINO's.

My fellow Americans, at least 50% of our politicians claim to be Socialists! They all swore an Oath to “protect, serve, and honor our Constitution, against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic!

These Socialist scumbags are working to destroy our nation, they are NOT working for us, the people or our Constitution! Therefore, everyone of these SOCIALISTS lied when they sore their OATH of Office!

The GOP is trying to help us; but they are led by the head RINO scumbag, McConnell! McConnell stabbed Trump in the back and he’s stabbing us in our backs! McConnell is married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Chinese Communist Party! Like Biden and his corrupt family McConnell I believe is compromised and cannot be trusted making decisions for our nation!

In response Patrick McCaffery to his Mumbl

McConnell is nothing more than a RINO he needs to go!

Republican Lawmakers Prop Up McConnell

The GOP needs to remove this TRAITOR, NOT support his backstabbing! This scumbag McConnell is married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Communist Chinese Party! He is at best compromised and should NOT be in any position of power! This scumbag stabbed Trump in the back and again needs to be relieved as the senior GOP leader! He is the lead “RINO” SOB of the GOP and really needs to be removed from power!

The GOP Establishment (Many Of Them Whiny Borderline RINO's) Are The Ones Who Hampered The Success Of A Red Wave...It Had Nothing To Do With Trump.

Why The Midterms Were Actually A Success!!! - YouTube

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In response kenneth adair to his Mumbl

RINO's need to out of office. Especially this ass, Romney.

America, 100% corruption from scumbag(RINO) John Kerry! I believe this is called TREASON! Kerry shaking hands and joking with a known terrorist!rnrnJohn Kerry on Video Shaking Hands with Wanted Terrorist! Kerry is dealing with a TRAITORrnrnHe’s attending the COP27 climate meeting with Biden! He shook hands with is accused narco-terrorist Nicolas Maduro. rn“This was not… planned or substantive in any way.”rnExactly what difference does that make?rnrnThere is currently a $15 million reward for information that leads to his arrest and capture on his head by our State Department.rnrnOur government is trying to take this man down, with a $15 million bounty on his head, and one of Joe Biden’s top advisers is shaking his hand and cracking jokes with him.rnJust imagine the outrage that would be if this happened during the Trump administration, or any Republican administration, for that matter.rnrnPure Government corruption on display!

Top GOP Rep Tells Kevin McCarthy ‘Not so Fast’ on His Speakership Bid

Call Rep. Andy Biggs ( R-Ariz.) of the House Freedom Caucus and tell him HELL NO on Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) being made speaker of the House.. McCarthy and McConnel are RINOs stabbing Pres. DJT all 4 years even during the midterms... These 2 caved to the DemonCrats 95% of the time.

Andy Biggs ( R-Ariz.) 202 225-2635

America, here is the GOP problem! These SOBs we call our so-called reps, in the GOP don’t work together! They aren’t working for us, the People! THey are working for themselves and their positions within this corrupt f’ing government!

Kevin McCarthy Announces Bid For House Speaker; Some Republicans Not On Board: Report. We need McCarthy! We need to have ALL RINOs removed from the GOP! They are anti-American and don't belong in the GOP!

We have the GOP RINO scumbags, who are actually Socialists! We have McConnell married to a Chinese woman with family in the Chinese Communist Party! He’s compromised and should not be in any position of leadership, plus he’s the head RINO SOB!

In response HOWARD STAFFORD to his Mumbl

Lets face it the RINO's will make it difficult.

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