This week’s message: “RAPTURE ALERT🚨: Days of Noah Executive Order” (End Times For The Believer w/ Dr. Bruce Ruisi)
Biden just signed a "Days of Noah" executive order that changes everything, and it's going unnoticed by many!!! This executive order is for the purpose of "human gene modification that writes circuitry for cells the same way we write software and program computers." In the words of Yuval Noah Harari, "humans are now hackable animals", and this executive order proves that this is soon going to be the case. "As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man."
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It is a weekly end times bible prophecy update led by Dr. Bruce Ruisi of Sheepsong Ministries that i

AFTER YOU READ THIS, NEVER AGAIN I EVER WANT TO HEAR ANYONE ATTACK ME FOR CALLING & MY INTERNET #Church CALLING OUT TO ALMIGHTY #God TO JUDGE & DAMN #America NOW FOR THIS EVIL for my #GodDamnAmerica Tour! IF 75% OF AMERICA WOULD OF GROWN A PAIR AND RESISTED #Tyrants THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPED! If you go against me on this, you get to starve & get what you deserve! My fellow #Dispensationalists of the Independent #Baptists & #Grace #Believers , where are your voices or wanting to be raptured out of responsibility when the truth is the #Rapture is not happening in our life times and ONLY until God says so at the end of the Dispensation of Grace!? (I FORGET, there is only an apostate "church" in the Shamed States of America!
#Amish #Farm Under Threat From Feds For Refusing To Abandon Traditional #Farming #Practices (Video) https://sonsoflibertymedia...

Pastor Richard Jordan of Shorewood Bible #Church in Rolling Meadows, Illinois - #sermon #kjv #kingjamesbible #bible #biblestudy - Is There a gap between the #Rapture and the (#Daniel's) 70th Week?

2022-02-23-w / Is There a gap between the Rapture and the 70th Week? - YouTube

Pastor Richard Jordan / Q&A series #70Please visit our website for an exhaustive collection of video-audio lessons


Christianity Books by Judith Lyon-Kesselman

Reverend Judith Lyon-Kesselman is the founder of Touch of Heaven Ministries, a biblical speaker, and the author of The Expedition of the End-Day Prophecies, The Bride Made Ready, Paradise on Earth, and Transforming Prayers. Her books inspire the Body of Christ to seek God and His Word more intimately and prepare for the soon coming of Jesus for His Bride, the Rapture. To buy these Christianity books and learn more about Jesus and the Christian prophecies, visit https://www.touchofheaven....

Pastor Bryan Denlinger - #sermon #biblestudy #bible #kjv #kingjamesbible #Scripture #Rapture - The Rapture (Pre-Tribulation) Is NOT A Bailout! WAKE UP SAINTS! It is going to happen when GOD SAYS IT HAPPENS, NOT 1 MINUTE BEFORE OR AFTER!

The Rapture Is NOT A Bailout! - YouTube

Many Christians are living in sin, and hoping that the Lord will come and "bail" them out of their troubles (and responsibilities!) by catching them up to he...

#LesFeldick ; Why We Stand On a Pre Tribulation #Rapture #3 - #kjv #bible #biblestudy #kingjamesbible - Les Feldick's Teaching on the Pre Tribulation Rapture - Part 3 of 4

#LesFeldick ; Why We Stand On a Pre Tribulation #Rapture #2 - #kjv #bible #biblestudy #kingjamesbible - Les Feldick's Teaching on the Pre Tribulation Rapture - Part 2 of 4 -

#Leseldick (1 of my 2 mentors); Why We Stand On a Pre Tribulation - Video #Rapture #1

Les Feldick's Teaching on the Pre Tribulation Rapture - Part 1 of 4
1 Thessalonians 5:9 #kjv For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Mumbl

To accuse us of "disobeying God" IS EVIL AND SATANIC!

At 61, Disabled & handicapped, after asinine Evil attacks on me and others who believe in the Rapture not only I have forever given up and lost hope forever on America, but I may go back into retirement this time for keeps!

I appeal to the Saints of God & Christ, all Independent Baptists, Independent Grace Believers, Non Denominational Believers such as I am, and all those who love Religious Liberty regardless of what faith and Political Freedom


They attacked and slandered viciously those who believe in the rapture, they are suppose to be for religious Liberty! Here is my response from their post on USA Life and:

see part 2

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