House Republicans demand answers on Pentagon COVID vaccine mandate amid punishments for unvaxxed soldiers

Here come the Hispanic Republicans

DeSantis and Rubio hold strong leads in Florida gubernatorial, Senate races, up by double digits with Latinos

Watch – Rep. MTG Cuts to the Chase: ‘Democrats Want Republicans Dead’

Voters trust Republicans on issues they care about most

Liz Cheney says she wouldn't be a Republican if Trump is the Nominee in 2024

#TransRepublican Rep. Liz Cheney says she wouldn't be a Republican anymore if Donald Trump was the GOP presidential nominee in 2024. I've got news for you, she never was a Republican.

Works for me! No TRUE Republican would ever go over to the Dark Side! I've had my fill of self-serving #TransRepublicans like Cheney, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham; all RINOS (Republicans In Name Only)

Republicans Will Secure at Least 52 Senate Seats: Sen. Rick Scott

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Obama’s Brother Endorses Republican Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania Governor Race

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

America, our nation is in EXTREME danger of losing OUR FREEDOM!

“Our RIGHTS and LIBERTIES” come from God!” They do NOT come from some corrupt scumbag government, like we have sitting in our capital right now!

If we ALL wish to maintain/keep our “RIGHTS and LIBERTIES” without punishment from this illegal, corrupt, anti-American, Socialist government, then I simply suggest EVERYONE vote straight Republican/GOP! If we fail to take back our government/country, we will be living in a country like China/Russia!

Take your pick America!!!!

Sheriff Mark Lamb said claims made by Democrats that the U.S. border is secure are “gaslighting the American people” because “[the] border has never been more unsecured”.
"Cartels stepping up smuggling, trafficking" over concern Republicans will take over Congress

Dems lose ground to Republicans with Latino voters ahead of 2022 midterm elections

Democrats' deadly political violence

Biden continues to compare student loan handout to PPP, slams Republicans as hypocrites

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