EUROPE - Russian energy giant Gazprom has said that it has signed a deal with China to pay for Russian gas in the Chinese yuan and Russian ruble, rather than paying with the U.S. dollar.

🚨BREAKING - Putin has signed a decree establishing the title "Mother Heroine" for those who gave birth and raised 10 or more children

Women who have received the title are entitled to a payment of 1 million rubles.

Turkey will help Russia bypass sanctions and compensate for them - the outcome of Putin and Erdogan's talks.

▪️ Turkey is preparing for widespread use of Russian "Mir" cards and partial mutual settlement in rubles.

▪️The trade turnover between Moscow and Ankara will be tripled to $100 billion, when in the past it was $33 billion.

Russia is continuing its efforts to revert back to the 'gold standard' for the first time in over a hundred years, purchasing gold at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles ($59) per gram.

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Both Italy and Germany have authorized companies to open ruble accounts in order to purchase gasoline from Russia without violating the current sanctions that have been placed on Russia.

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#European #Gas importers quietly surrender to #Russia and begin buying #Gas in #RUBLES… while the West’s economic warfare scheme disastrously BACKFIRES

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Those Brave Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sell their armored vehicles to the DPR militias and gladly accept payment in Rubles 😆 LMAO!

I think that even the Ukrainians know that Russia's total victory is inevitable. Which demonstrates just how stupid the "I'll Starve with Ukraine" NPC's truly are.

Russia's beef is with NATO and the AshkeNAZIs, not with the Ukrainian people or their military.

🇮🇷🇷🇺⚡️“Iran is ready to trade with Russia in rubles. There are already agreements to conduct trade operations in the national currencies of the two countries”: Deputy Head of the Central Bank of Iran Mohsen Karimi

⚡️ Paris and Berlin will not accept Russia’s conditions on payment for gas supplies in rubles - French Ministry of Finance

Putin: "Unfriendly countries" must pay for Russian gas in rubles from April 1. #Russia will halt gas contracts if buyers don't pay in rubles.

🇷🇺⚡️Putin has reportedly set a deadline to switch to Rubles for natural gas exports by March 31, he reportedly told Gazprom and Russia's central bank to prepare for the new measures.

Reminder that European leaders including Chancellor Scholz stated that this step is not possible as they have signed contracts which already list the currency to be used for Russian gas payments which is the US Dollar.


🇷🇺⚡️A Russian lawmaker says G7 refusing to pay for gas in Rubles will lead to halt in supplies.

🇷🇺⚡️Capital controls: The Russian Central Bank has introduced a limit of $10000 for foreign currency withdrawals from deposit accounts. Anything upward that will be handed in Rubles.

The decisions is effective from March 9 to September 9 of 2022.

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