Worldwide Protests In Solidarity With Julian Assange
Saturday, Oct 8th demonstrators will take to the streets of London, Washington DC, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and other cities worldwide to protest unjust incarceration of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.


New Peer-Reviewed Report in the Journal Vaccines Shows COVID-19 mRNA Spike Protein in Dead Man’s Brain & Heart

🇩🇪📝💉COVID19Up: In the journal Vaccines, Dr. Michael Mörz of the Dresden Institute for Pathology in Germany published ( a new case study on Saturday (Oct. 1) of an autopsy of a 76-year-old deceased man.

According to the findings, spike proteins directly linked to the COVID-19 vaccine attacked the man's brain (https://kanekoa.substack.c... and heart's blood arteries.

The research revealed that "only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein" could be observed using immunohistochemistry, which employs immune staining techniques that light up specific antigens. This indicates that the necrotizing encephalitis (death of brain tissues) and the inflammatory changes in the small blood vessels (brain and heart) were caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccination rather than viral infection.

U.S., Australia and Japan Vow to Work Together Against China

The defense ministers of the United States, Australia and Japan agreed Saturday (Oct. 1) to boost military cooperation in the face of China’s growing ambitions “to shape the world around it.” Washington is pressing a diplomatic offensive to counter Chinese influence across the Asia-Pacific.

“We are deeply concerned by China’s increasingly aggressive and bullying behavior in the Taiwan Strait, and elsewhere in the region,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said as he welcomed his counterparts from Australia and Japan to the US military headquarters for the Pacific region in Hawaii.

“Our interest lies in the upholding of the global rules-based order. But we see that order under pressure in the Indo-Pacific as well, as China is seeking to shape the world around it in a way that we’ve not seen before,”....

Source: Insider Paper ( Japa

Turkey rejects Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territory
Turkey's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it rejects Russia's annexation of four regions in Ukraine, adding the decision is a "grave violation" of international law.
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Daily Surge Saturday ...
-- Let the Shout Arise Across the Nation: Stop S*xualizing Our Children!
-- Barack Obama Says Americans Oppose Illegal Immigration Because …WHY?
-- Teams Still Finding Their Place but … Pigskin Pundit Picks, NFL, Week Four


UFC closes off Saturday card to media, public

In the heart of Texas, old Southwest Conference rivalries run deep. But for how long?

Tennessee: Video recorded at the Chattanooga Pride youth event at Wander Linger Brewing Company on Saturday shows a child stroking a performer’s groin area & children watching risqué drag dance routines.

Pelosi Deserves to Be Booed and Fired

If there is one politician who deserves to be booed it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). On Saturday night at Central Park in New…

Zelensky offers guarantees for Russian soldiers who surrender
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday offered guaranteed protections to Russian soldiers who surrender
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Saturday Sept 24th Emergency Broadcast: Russia Mobilizes for Nuclear War — Watch Live!

Saturday Sept 24th Emergency Broadcast: Russia Mobilizes for Nuclear War — Watch Live!

Daily Surge Saturday ...
-- Leftists Lately Quoting Bible … Usual Anti-Religion Types Suddenly Clam Up
-- Sowing/Reaping: America’s ‘Secularist’ Religion Has Produced a Ghastly Crop in Society
-- No Babies, No Life: Modern Societies Without Enough Children Won’t Prosper, Advance


This week’s message: “RAPTURE ALERT🚨: Days of Noah Executive Order” (End Times For The Believer w/ Dr. Bruce Ruisi)
Biden just signed a "Days of Noah" executive order that changes everything, and it's going unnoticed by many!!! This executive order is for the purpose of "human gene modification that writes circuitry for cells the same way we write software and program computers." In the words of Yuval Noah Harari, "humans are now hackable animals", and this executive order proves that this is soon going to be the case. "As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man."
@YouTube :
It is a weekly end times bible prophecy update led by Dr. Bruce Ruisi of Sheepsong Ministries that i

Secretary-General Guterres says he spoke with EU leaders this week about lifting sanctions on Russian fertilizer exports
Major European ports have signaled their readiness to facilitate the export of Russian fertilizers, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in an interview with RIA Novosti, published on Saturday.
Earlier, Putin stated that Russia is ready to deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of free fertilizer to countries in need, however, the deliveries were stopped at European ports.

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