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Iran to join Asian security body led by Russia, China
Iran has moved a step closer towards becoming a permanent member of a central Asian security body dominated by Russia and China, as Tehran seeks to overcome economic isolation imposed

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Quarantine due to shopping

All hell broke loose at an IKEA store in Shanghai because one of the customers tested positive for coronavirus and now everyone in the store will be quarantined.

NOW - Fire after large explosions at Shanghai petrochemical complex.

In China, residents must scan a QR code to enter the Shanghai metro. A PCR test of less than 72 hours is mandatory to maintain your green QR code and to be authorized to access all public places or use transport.

LEAKED- Chinas plan to attack US by Nov & reasons for Shanghai lockdown.

LEAKED: China's Plan to Attack USA by November & Reason for Shanghai Lockdown (JR Nyquist Interview) - YouTube

LIVE AT 2PM ET: Leaked audio from a meeting of China’s war generals reveals detailed plans for a land invasion of the United States sometime by the end of th...

Rani Jarkas: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Lebanon
Mr. Rani Jarkas is frequently invited to participate as an expert and guest speaker in events related to China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Rani Jarkas, chairman of Cedrus Investments has 20 years of experience working in China and with Chinese businesses with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. For more info kindly visit -

Inside Intelligence Report: Shanghai Prison Colony & The CCP’s Real Global Threat

Social media from the CCP rarely ever makes its way into American pop culture, but in early 2020 they went viral with radical videos of forced quarantines and sealing people into their own homes with welding torches. Were Americans shown all this to make our own lockdowns seem less devastating? And if so, what are we to make of the new social media blitz coming out of Shanghai?

People are being starved in their own homes, their pets are being killed, and it's getting so hellish that suicide is seemingly an everyday part of life now.

Just because things are f

Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New #Lockdowns Are Coming: Learn How To Stop It:
Brutal lockdowns in #Shanghai #RedChina is a harbinger of what's to come in the US unless Americans are prepared to resist #medicaltyranny , she warns.

Wow: Shanghai’s backlog of ships is quite literally off the chart, even compared to the disturbances last year.

US and global supply chains are about to go from “severely strained” to “completely broken.”

Need it? Buy it now. And buckle up…

Just a bit of marine traffic backed up there in Shanghai — get ready for massive supply shock (see previous post)

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