away and then takes to cop to the house of the dispatcher who allegedly had the relationship with the cop. Then the Chief calls the cop's wife and she goes to pick up her husband. No report, no EOD, no designgnated psychiatrist recomandation, no biweekly psychological progress reports. Inspite of the uninformed nature of the cop's absence, 6 weeks and a $6000.00 psychiatrist receipt and letter of fit for duty the cop came back to work arresting people and making sound judgment calls. And now he works as a Deputy for Canadian County Sheriff's office.

Washington sheriff slams failed liberal policies as homeless encampment 'devastates' Spokane neighborhood

While I can't disagree, Ozzie Knezovich is part of the problem because he is a flaming RINO himself!

A California sheriff's office has removed 47 deputies from law enforcement duties after it was revealed they received unsatisfactory psychological exam results during the hiring process. The number of deputies now on desk duty at Alameda County Sheriff's Office represents 5 percent of the 1,000-member force. Sources said they believe the psychological exam process under Sheriff Gregory Ahern is flawed and often results in Ahern passing his friends and family to get hired while denying candidates he does not like.

Florida Sheriff: Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Killed Deputy in Hit-And-Run

#IllegalAlien Kills #Deputy #Sheriff One Week Before Her 25th Birthday https://sonsoflibertymedia...

DeSantis Invokes 50 Illegals Who Died in Tractor Trailer in Response to TX Sheriff Investigating Him

DeSantis Invokes 50+ Illegals Who Died in Tractor Trailer in Response to TX Sheriff Investigating Him

Video: Even The Democrat Sheriff ‘Investigating’ DeSantis Agrees The Border Is Not Secure

This is hilarious. Ernie here, all the libs and Sheriff Salazar, are all upset about this brochure given by FL to the Martha's Vineyard illegals. The information on the brochure is directly from Massachusetts' - Office for Refugees and Immigrants

THE #AmericanJournal LIVE! 🎙

It Begins! Texas Sheriff Launches Investigation Into DeSantis Over Martha’s Vineyard:

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It Begins: Texas Sheriff Launches Investigation Into DeSantis Over Martha’s Vineyard

Texas sheriff opens criminal probe into DeSantis operation to fly migrants to Martha's Vineyard

Sheriffs’ Press Conference on the Border Crisis

A group of sheriffs from around the country–including several who just visited the border–will hold a press conference ...

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Rep. Walorski's vehicle determined to be 'at-fault' in fatal crash killing 4, Sheriff's investigation finds

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