Pelosi’s Son Who Joined Her During Taiwan Trip is Top Investor in $22 Million Chinese Company

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A five-member delegation, led by Senator Ed Markey (D) of Massachusetts, meeting in Taiwan to discuss security, economical, and trade topics, according to the American Institute in Taiwan.

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The PLA Eastern Theater Command will conduct strong & powerful military operations in the waters & airspaces around the island of Taiwan as countermeasures to latest US lawmakers' visit to the island.

US Lawmakers Make Unannounced Trip to Taiwan 2 Weeks After Pelosi Visit

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US lawmakers visit Taiwan in unannounced visit on the heels of Nancy Pelosi uproar

US to conduct ‘air and maritime transits’ in Taiwan Strait.

White House says US’s ‘freedom of navigation’ transits will reflect its response to China’s ‘provocative’ behaviour.

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Taiwan thanks U.S. for maintaining security in Taiwan Strait

Taiwan's foreign ministry on Saturday expressed "sincere gratitude" towards the United States for taking "concrete actions" to maintain security and peace in the Taiwan Strait

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🔴 Nancy Pelosi’s Son, Who Joined Her on Taiwan Trip, Is Investor in Chinese Tech Firm: Report


FRTC.NET LIMITED did not allow a victim from Taiwan to withdraw and even asked for an extra fee

The answer may be found in an off-the-books meeting with a computer chip manufacturer who is building a multi-billion dollar plant in Arizona...and she was accompanied by her son...


Taiwan rejects China's 'one country, two systems' plan for the island.

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Australia Blasts China's Taiwan Drills As "Disproportionate & Destabilizing" - Warns Of Miscalculation

China withdraws promise not to send troops to Taiwan if it takes control of island

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Nancy Pelosi defends bringing son on Taiwan trip after husband's DUI charge

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