Sudden Adult Turkey Death Syndrome


Daily Surge Saturday ...
-- Biden Just Celebrated His 80th Birthday – And, Yes, It’s Time for Him to Resign
-- Eight Billion Human Beings … And Counting. Don’t Believe the Anti-People Propaganda
-- Looking for Natural Antidote to Entitled Liberal Grievance Culture? Try Thanksgiving …
-- Pigskin Pundit’s Prescience: How Many Turkey’s for NFL Week Twelve?


-- Pigskin Pundit’s Prescience: How Many Turkey’s for NFL Week Twelve?

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Happy Thanksgiving!
-- DeSantis-Endorsed Candidates Speak Up for Parental Rights … Strike Blow Against Sexual Revolution in Florida’s Schools
-- Pigskin Pundit’s Prescience: How Many Turkey’s for NFL Week Twelve?
-- ‘Christianity Today’ Editorial Surrenders to Misguided ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ … I’m Sorry, Whattt?


-- Pigskin Pundit’s Prescience: How Many Turkey’s for NFL Week Twelve?


Terry Marshall Campie employment career began in the 8th grade as a dishwasher in Tony’s Taco House, located in Camanche, Iowa. From there, after the death of his grandfather, Paul Campie, he worked was employed by Swift Company a turkey processing factory in Clinton, Iowa. Working was important to Terry Campie because it provided structure for his life to adjust to the loss of his grandfather. His grandfather emphasized the importance of arduous work and was the most principal factor in Terry Campie later owning several companies in Iowa and in the United States Virgin Islands. Read More

Turkey has asked Russia to defer part of its gas payments until 2024.

"Turkish state energy importer Boru Hatlari ile Petrol Tasima AS, or Botas, is seeking to defer some payments in an attempt to mitigate economic damage," Bloomberg reported.

The new Ukrainian corvette Hetman Ivan Mazepa was launched in Turkey.

📣 Turkey will transfer new weapons and troops to the unrecognized "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Erdogan announced this in response to the recent lifting of the U.S. embargo on lethal weapons supplies to the Greek part of Cyprus.

"Ankara will supply the north of the island with all the weapons it needs to protect the interests of Turkish Cypriots - and this decision is a response to Washington's actions," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the day before.

Turkey rejects Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territory
Turkey's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it rejects Russia's annexation of four regions in Ukraine, adding the decision is a "grave violation" of international law.
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🔸Turkey promises to protect Greece's interests amid tensions.

Turkey has summoned the Greek ambassador to protest against the proposed deployment of dozens of American-made armored vehicles on the Greek islands, which, according to Ankara, should remain demilitarized in accordance with international treaties.

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