Jordan Peterson: Who’s to Say Pakistani Scottish National Party Leader Humza Yousaf Isn’t “White”?

❗️???️?? IDF & US air forces have begun a joint ‘Red Flag’ exercise

It is slated to run for approximately 2 weeks & is expected to include simulations for different kinds of operations. The joint drill is being hosted at the USAF Base in Nellis, Nevada

USAF F-22s FRANK01 & 02 launched from Langley AFB, VA joining up with KC-135R 57-1473 GASMN02 for aerial refueling.

The military jets using the call sign “FRANK” is significant. Frank Luke Jr. was an American fighter ace in World War I better known as the “Arizona Balloon Buster.” He is credited with shooting down 14 German surveillance balloons

#USA ??: #USAF F-22 'Raptor' fighter jets have shot down the Chinese spy balloon over South #Carolina .

The recruitment difficulties come as the US Armed Forces have been going woke in recent years. Examples include
▪️Milley repeatedly pushing critical race theory, and "equity"
▪️Milley issuing statement on "white rage," in reference to January 6
▪️The USAF Recruiting twitter acct posted a photo on June 17th of several cadets jogging, with an LGBTQ pride flag and no American flag to be seen
▪️Adding to the woke ideology, they've reduced their fitness standards. Currently, only 23% of young applicants can meet those standards
▪️They are now admitting recruits that had been rejected in the past to better meet their goals

The Marines will enter the new fiscal year having met only 30% of their goal. The Air Force and Navy both rest at 10%. While these numbers are not in the negative like...

Unexpectedly, the USAF Finds Itself With a Critical Shortage of Pilots While It Says It Has Too Many White Officers
If you tell people they aren't wanted, you can't be surprised when the quit or fail to join your organization.

This is intentional, but you also need to understand that it’s only going to succeed if the cowards with eagles and stars on their chests/collars go along with it.

The USAF Closes Ranks With Defense Contractors to Prevent a Fighter Pilot's Widow From Finding Out Why Her Husband Died
Letting contractors use counterfeit parts is not what the Department of Defense should be doing.
This is pretty bad if true. If the Air Force is covering up for a contractor who used counterfeit parts, then everyone involved belongs behind bars.

20 Percent Of The USAF’s B-2 Force Is Deployed ‘Down Under’
The B-2 deployment to Australia comes as the USAF ramps up its presence in the Indo-Pacific region amid growing tensions with China.

Hmmm wonder why? Is Australia a target? Yes.

‘God Has Called Me to Stand Up’: USAF Pilot Facing Discharge for Rejecting COVID Vaccine

‘God Has Called Me to Stand Up’: USAF Pilot Facing Discharge for Rejecting COVID Vaccine

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‘I’ve Never Seen Morale So Low’: USAF Lt. Col. On Military Life Under Vaccine Mandates

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