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Twisted Eagle
4 days ago
On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we remember the lives lost 82 years ago.

We salute our troops today and never forget the sacrifice these brave men and women made to protect our great nation. May God be with them and their family as we remember their lives.
Twisted Eagle
1 month ago
Rep Mike Johnson
Moody's Investor Service downgrade of the U.S. credit rating is the latest example of the failure of President Biden and Democrats reckless spending agenda.

Our $33.6 trillion debt is unsustainable and poses a danger to our national security and economy.

Meanwhile, the runaway inflation and soaring interest rates that have been the cornerstone of 'Bidenomics' have hammered families' pocket books and made the Treasury's costs for borrowing spiral out of control.

This is why the Administration and their congressional allies have lost the faith of the American people.

House Republicans are committed to working in a bipartisan fashion for common sense fiscal restraint beginning with the introduction of a debt commission, and returning to an appropriations process that restores regular order and common sense.

We will fight to get our finances in order.

Twisted Eagle
1 month ago
Rep Mike Johnson

This is clearly unsustainable. We must change how Washington works.

Annualized interest payments on US government debt have exceeded $1 trillion, a figure that has doubled in the past 19 months.
Fox News
2 months ago
SCOTUS won't hear case that would slash New York City rent control as critics claim 'unsustainable' status quo https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Harry Two
5 months ago
uly 13, 2023 #HealthRanger #NaturalNews #GabSocial realDonaldTrump warroom
25 AGs condemn Biden administration’s EV proposal as unlawful, unwise and unsustainable for rural America
Twisted Eagle
7 months ago
US Debt Is ‘Unsustainable,’ Must Be Reduced, Economists Say

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...
Alex Jones
9 months ago
Dutch Pro-Farmer Populist Leader Predicts Elections This Year, Globalist Govt Coalition ‘Unsustainable’ https://www.infowars.com/p...
Pharos Project
10 months ago
Alex Jones
12 months ago
‘It’s Unsustainable’: Arizona Border Hospital Hit With $20 Million Bill For Treating Invading Illegal Aliens https://www.infowars.com/p...
GA Log Cabin GOP
12 months ago
Biden's border disaster getting even worse https://www.foxnews.com/us...
Twisted Eagle
1 yr. ago
Yuval Harari echoes the WEF claims that meat is “unsustainable” and we must end farming and ranching:

Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, described “cultured meat” synthesized in laboratories as more “ecological” and “ethical” than meat from animal husbandry and slaughter.

Mike Gale
2 yr. ago
Psaki Responds to Obama’s Claim That Open Borders Policy Is ‘Unsustainable’

“Does President Biden agree with President Obama that ‘open borders’ is unsustainable?”

“We don’t have open borders. So yes, he agrees,” Psaki responded.

The comments come after over 30,000 migrants crossed the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas, over the course of two weeks.

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