Republicans demand Naval Academy transparency after unvaxxed midshipmen allegedly denied diplomas

Appeals court says Air Force 'wrongly relied' on broad formula to deny religious objections to vax mandate

Canadian Psychiatric Association Targets Anti-Vaxxers

Medical Journal Claims Anti-Vaxxers Cause Deadly Clots in Vaccinated People by SCARING Them About Vaccine Dangers

Vaxxed and Boosted Today Show Host Al Roker Says He Was Hospitalized for Blood Clots


If I were the devil

Watch “#VaxxedtotheMax” Canadian Lawyer Suddenly Collapses During Inquiry

Best Selling Author Julie Powell Wished Death On “Anti-Vaxxers/Maskers” – She “Died Suddenly” (Video) https://thewashingtonstand...

Vaxxed/Boosted Food Writer, 49, Who Relished “Anti-Vaxxers/Mask Dying in Legions,” Dies Suddenly from Cardiac Arrest

Reality And Truth Are Just That...Real And True. This Woman Is MORE Than Qualified, She Knows What She Is Talking About, She Tells The Truth And Makes The COVID Vax LIES And The Coverup As REAL As Real Can Be.

Rand Paul Demands Answers Over Vax Company PR Firm’s “Embedded Staff Within CDC To Promote Vaccines”

Former Dem Candidate Who Said ‘I Don’t Give A F**k What Happens to Anti-Vaxxers’ Died Suddenly While Walking Dog

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