China is currently flying a spy balloon over the US most sensitive sites, with a focus on the missile wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where the US houses a large number of its intercontinental missiles.

While the Whitehouse/Pentagon/MSM mouthpiece is busy making excuses about its limited ability to obtain data and how shooting the balloon down in the middle of nowhere is somehow dangerous to non-existent civilians, the balloon's actual goal of creating High Definition maps of the underground silos using an advance EM/GPR/ Acoustic Light penetrative field (DAS) has already been completed.

Schiff, Whitehouse Decry Meta Decision to Reinstate Trump

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...

#DickMorris , Ex #Clinton adviser says #JoeBiden 's classified files debacle will 'knock him out of the 2024 #POTUS race' for the #Whitehouse because there could be documents about son Hunter's 'big #Ukraine bribery scandal

#Whitehouse press secretary #KarineJeanPierre Pleads with Reporters to Avoid ‘Confrontation’ over #JoeBiden’s Possession of Classified Documents

Battle of the Occupiers of the #Whitehouse #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah make final Mid Term #Election Push (more like a WWE Circus)

#Whitehouse Extends #COVID Public Health Emergency Status to Get More People #Vaccinated with Deadly New #boosters https://healthimpactnews.c...

Just released...

Federal judge lifts gag order on 32 terabites of 2020 election data in Mike Lindell's posession!

Proof of international interference in the 2020 (s)election plus other manipulation that fraudulently put Biden in the Whitehouse!

Tune in to for updates. This news from Mike Lindell on at the Arizona Trump rally!

Brennan and others to be subpoenaed!

WH National Strategy for Arctic Region: “The United States will enhance and exercise both our military and civilian capabilities in the Arctic as required to deter threats and to anticipate, prevent, and respond to both natural and human-made incidents.”

#Whitehouse plays damage control yet again after #JoeBiden search for deceased Representative #JackieWalorski adds to list of walk-backs: #Biden statements on everything from #Ukraine to the #COVID19 #Pandemic #Scamdemic have been walked back or corrected by White House staff

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