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-- Do You Need Chart to Keep Track? The Storied History of College Football Conference Championships
--Recent Florida Decision Ought to Encourage Parents, Medical Professionals Who Object to Gender Lies


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-- When Old Friends Go Off Rails: Even Reader’s Digest Suffering Effects of ‘Woke-ism’
-- Whatever Cost, Righteous People Must Not Stay Silent About Perverse ‘Respect for Marriage Act’


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-- You Want Diversity in Action? Consider Pilgrims Who Inspire Today’s Thanksgiving Day Holiday
-- GOP and Midterms: History Tells Us One Battle Is Not the Entire War
-- COVID Truth Must Not Be Sacrificed on Altar of Pretended Superiority … or Profits
-- Incredulity, Disbelief, Distrust, Doubt: Marxist Agenda at Work All Around


My fellow Americans, the DOJ is going after moms and dads for bitching about their kids education at school board meetings! They are labelling moms and dads as “Domestic Terrorists” for bitching about the education and treatment of their children in these schools!

Then we have the corrupt Congresswoman Maxine Waters, referring to Trump supporters by two words that are terrifying considering President Joe Biden’s weaponization of the Justice Department. What is disturbing is a sitting Congresswoman labeling the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump as “domestic terrorists” given the Biden regime’s lawless targeting of the Left’s political opponents.

Here we have a complete double standard of law, so why isn’t Waters being treated like moms and dads?

America, these Socialists are trying to pass PURE garbage S.1. We will lose farms, cattle ranches and other valuable land for our economy! The corrupt, anti-American Senate is going to vote on S.1. which is what the American people do NOT want or need!

If S.1 passes there will be a pre-determined outcome for ALL future Federal elections!

If S.1 passes it will dictate to states how elections MUST be run by trampling on our First Amendment rights!

If S.1 passes by importing ALL the rules of a large Federal bureaucracy, it will leave the fate of our democracy up to Electoral lawyers (Socialists)!

In other words, the Federal government will totally control our elections, meaning they will NOT lose an election!

Demand your Senators vote “NO” on S.1!

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-- Biden Just Celebrated His 80th Birthday – And, Yes, It’s Time for Him to Resign
-- Eight Billion Human Beings … And Counting. Don’t Believe the Anti-People Propaganda
-- Looking for Natural Antidote to Entitled Liberal Grievance Culture? Try Thanksgiving …
-- Pigskin Pundit’s Prescience: How Many Turkey’s for NFL Week Twelve?


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The Several Types of Blenders Available Now
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