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2 days ago
Ukraine received a $1.25 billion grant from the United States

The money will be spent on
➡️ provision of pension payments;
➡️ payments to State Emergency Service employees;
➡️ remuneration of health workers providing services under the medical guarantee program, civil servants and teaching staff.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the state budget of Ukraine has received $21.7 billion from the United States, said Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko.

Financial assistance is provided on non-repayable terms, which makes it possible not to increase the debt burden on the state budget.
Alex Jones
5 days ago
Round 2: Trump To Counter Second GOP Debate With United Autoworkers Union Rally

Harry Two
7 days ago
September 17, 2023 #PeterNavarrosTakingBack realDonaldTrump warroom RayUCFT
Bidenomics is the Evil Root of the United Auto Workers Strike
Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America
18 days ago
Setting Sail - The Importance of a Seaman's Book for Maritime Workers


Seaman’s book (also know a Seaman’s Identification Record Book) is a form of identification and record book issued by foreign flag states for example Panama, Liberia, Marshall Islands, and Vanuatu; This is required by the registered country on record for the rig or vessel.
kenneth adair
19 days ago
Twisted Eagle
20 days ago
Trump backs US auto workers as they prepare to strike, Biden says he’s ‘not worried’

Twisted Eagle
20 days ago
America Last! Staggering figures reveal 1.2MILLION US-born workers lost their jobs last month - replaced by 688,000 foreign-born staff - as Joe Biden allows migrants to flood across the border

1 month ago
A Study On The Effects Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing On Employer Branding

Organizations have traditionally found the recruitment process to be difficult and time-consuming. Finding the proper personnel has gotten difficult as demand for experienced workers has increased.
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1 month ago
Whistleblowers Report 2023-2024 Lockdown Plans:

New variant rumored to be declared by W.H.O. with policies in order.

September 2023: Airport employees to begin masking

October 2023: Airport travelers to begin masking

December 2023: Return to full Covid-19 Protocol

Lockdown/Response Objectives:

• Cover up for record-level mortality, disability, & illness

• Destroy more small businesses

• Bankrupt paycheck-to-paycheck workers

• Run through election year (2024)
Twisted Eagle
1 month ago
Workers at San Francisco Federal Building Told to Work From Home Due to Rising Crime

READ: https://1.breakingheadline...
1 month ago
Canada's Latest PR NEWS

Canada recently announced a new policy that allows dependent children of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to be eligible for work permits.

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2 months ago
Canada work Permit Latest news

Canada unveils a new immigration pathway for skilled workers with specific expertise in Carpentry, Plumbing, and Welding.

GIEC GLOBAL will help you get a Canada Work Visa.

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Twisted Eagle
2 months ago
BREAKING: Stockton mayor announces 7-Eleven workers are NOT being charged for epic beat down of looter

Terry L. Clark
2 months ago
"While working men and women have long known the value of a dollar--it is a lesson well taught to one who labors for a living--it has taken a long, long time to teach employers the value of a human being, and in many cases has not yet been successfully taught, Few give thought to what happens to displaced workers, but they can analyze to the penny what the profits will be."
-Jimmy Hoffa
Harry Two
2 months ago
August 2, 2023 #breakingnews #NewYorkPost realDonaldTrump warroom
7-Eleven workers wallop California man who tried to steal trash can full of cigarettes: 'Whoop his a--!' https://nypost.com/2023/08... via nypost
Mildred Swink
3 months ago (E)
Construction Workers:

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Saniya Sharma
3 months ago
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) training may offer workers essential skills in industrial automation and control systems.

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ajpower leesa
3 months ago
Workers operate battery soldering on machines #lovefactory #factorydirect #lifepo4battery
GA Log Cabin GOP
3 months ago
Unions are terrible for workers https://www.realclearpolic...
3 months ago
Corporate Events planners

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Spring dairie
3 months ago
? Just read an amazing article on sheet metal machines! Mind-blowing insights into their capabilities and versatility. https://wordpress.com/post... Perfect for metalworkers and those fascinated by fabrication. ?? #SheetMetalMachines #MetalworkingMarvels #FascinatingFabrication
Law Offices of James Latimer
3 months ago
In this video, you will learn to hire California worker's compensation lawyers to get If you or somebody close to you has been injured at work. If you're unfamiliar with the requirements and deadlines of filing for workers' compensation, it can be hard to navigate. We can help you understand the worker's compensation process and get you the compensation you deserve. Click the link for more information.
GA Log Cabin GOP
4 months ago
Democrats scheme to trap workers in unwanted unions https://nypost.com/2023/06...
4 months ago
Setting Sail - The Importance of a Seaman's Book for Maritime Workers


In the vast world of maritime work, a seaman's book plays a vital role in ensuring smooth sailing for maritime workers. This document, also known as a seafarer's identification and record book, serves as a fundamental credential for those embarking on a career at sea. In this article, we will explore the significance of a seaman's book and why it is essential for maritime professionals.
4 months ago
Australia Immigration News Update??
The proposed changes would make it a criminal offense to coerce someone into breaching their visa conditions, stop employers from hiring people on temporary visas if they have exploited migrants in the past and increase penalties for employers who do the wrong thing.
A section of existing migration law that undermines people who report exploitative behavior will also be repealed. Immigration Minister Andrew Giles described the current arrangement for many migrant workers as a "crisis of exploitation".
He said up to one in six recent migrants were paid less than the minimum wage.
"When migrant workers are being underpaid it hurts all of us, driving wages and conditions down for everyone," he said.
"These reforms will help workers speak up and target those employers who do the wrong thing."
The government will amend migration regulations to enhance labor market mobility for sponsored migrants in three types of visas by extending the allowable ti
Twisted Eagle
4 months ago
DEVELOPING! Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach shut down amid labor negotiations.

The industry group representing shippers said operations at some marine terminals at the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach were "effectively shut down'' following staged concerted and disruptive work actions from the union representing West Coast dockworkers.

More: https://abc7.la/42opWbG (https://www.youtube.com/re...
4 months ago
Causes of a roof fall accident how a roof fall accident lawyers help you?

Roof fall accidents can occur in a variety of situations, but some common causes include:
Lack of fall protection: If workers are not provided with adequate fall protection equipment or training, they may be at risk of falling from a roof.
Improper maintenance: If a roof is not properly maintained, it may become weakened or unstable, increasing the risk of a fall.
Weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, or snow can make working on a roof more dangerous and increase the risk of a fall.
Human error: Roof falls can also be caused by human error, such as incorrect use of equipment or not following proper safety protocols.
A roof fall accident lawyer can help you by Investigating the circumstances of the accident to determine liability and gather evidence to support your claim. https://www.accidentdefend...
GA Log Cabin GOP
4 months ago
Georgia store fires workers for reporting shoplifting https://www.11alive.com/ar...
4 months ago
If you know that your colleague is a beer connoisseur, then you should certainly pick from the large selection of a tasty assortment of #birthday #beer #gift #baskets .
Harry Two
4 months ago
May 17,2023 #HealthRanger #NaturalNews #GabSocial

TIPFLATION: Workers at first unionized Apple store in Maryland want MANDATORY TIPPING at checkouts https://www.naturalnews.co...

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