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Russia knocks spy planes out of the sky
Biden let a Chinese spy balloon travel across our nuke sites for a week
The American military has become such a woke joke that other countries are taking dumps on our spy drones
I heard the fighter screamed ‘this is MAGA country’ right before it hit the Biden drone

Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty rips alleged Pentagon leaker who covered for Biden with Trump spy balloon report

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Matt Rosendale is furious with Biden's handling of border, Chinese balloon: 'Violation of the Constitution'

Daily Surge Friday ...
-- 10-Year Constitutional Fight of Courageous Baker: Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop
-- Questions, Contemplations on Train Derailments, Balloon Shootdowns, the Dr. Fauci/Wuhan Connection … and So Much More


-- Questions, Contemplations on Train Derailments, Balloon Shootdowns, the Dr. Fauci/Wuhan Connection … and So Much More

Pentagon releases U-2 photo of Chinese spy balloon in flight before it was shot down

Daines rails against Biden’s handling of issues, says he left Chinese balloon briefing with ‘more questions’

California beach town bans the use of balloons beginning 2024

Daines blasts Biden on border crisis, Chinese spy balloon in state speech: 'Empowering our enemies'

?BREAKING - A Large White Balloon has been detected 1000 KM's east of Honolulu, Hawaii.
A Balloon watch has been issued.

#Blinken Warns #RedChina Against Providing Aid To #Russia , Says Balloon Surveillance Must “Never Again Occur”

US: No Apology From China for Balloon Surveillance

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says his Chinese counterpart, top diplomat Wang Yi, did not apologize during a meeting in Munich for Beijing's violation of U.S. airspace with its high-altitude surveillance balloon, even as Blinken told him the spying was unacceptable and must never occur again. ...

China's top diplomat calls US response to balloon incident 'hysterical'

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