Psychedelic Drugs Being Used To Destroy Christianity And Bring Us Back To Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, And Paganism
Will John Podesta hang his cannibalism painting in his new office in the White House? You know, the same one he had hanging in his office while he ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Human Cannibalism Being Pushed by the New Green Movement

Mainstream media persuading the public to normalize cannibalism and eat each other.

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Human Cannibalism Being Pushed by the New Green Movement

‘If the Food Runs Out’: New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism
Though NYT piece dedicated to representation of cannibalism in the modern culture, some readers were shocked to see a serious article suggesting cannibalism "has a time and a place."

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Demons at NY Times Are Now Pushing Cannibalism Insisting “The Time Is Now”
The demons at The New York Times have moved on eating grubs and bugs.
Their latest fetish is cannibalism – and they insist “The time is now.”
They really have outdone themselves this time.
They went from eating bugs to eating each other in a matter of weeks!
Here’s a good question…
Do you remember when spirit cooking was a thing back in 2016?
It all makes sense now.
Of course, Hillary Clinton blamed the spirit cooking on Putin and Russia.
And today – here we are.
Is it more racist to eat white people, or black people? Do different ethnicities taste different? Is cannibalism indigenous science, and unfairly demonized by white supremacy patriarchy systems of oppression?
Read more here: https://www.thegatewaypund...

‘If the #food Runs Out’: #newyorktimes Accused of ‘Normalizing’ #cannibalism

‘If the Food Runs Out’: New York Times Accused of ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism

A case that began during the "Satanic Panic" in the 1990s to 2010 has been reopened which is investigating Utah County Prosecutor David Leavitt and his wife for their alleged participation in a Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking ring that includes claims of child sex abuse, murder and cannibalism.

Leavitt and his wife not only have ties to Hillary Clinton, the Ukraine, but have also used their power to eliminate the Special Victims Unit in Utah, making it much harder for law enforcement to investigate claims of child sex abuse and child trafficking.

Plus, in what can only be filed in the "you can't make this shit up" category, Leavitt's wife's name is Chelom, which is practically Molech spelled backwards.

Utah Police Launch Investigation Into Alleged ‘Ritualistic’ Child Sex Abuse, County Attorney Demands Sheriff Resign

Mel Gibson, [14.09.21 18:46]
[ Photo ]
Hollywood is drenched in innocent children’s blood. The references to pedophilia and cannibalism have always been there, but for years they cryptic or symbolic. I was introduced to these practices in the early 2000s and was threatened with serious repercussions should I ever speak out. And, I don’t just mean my career, I mean my life was threatened, my family’s life would be in danger. I can only talk about it now as those people, those industry executives, they’re all dead now. They see the blood of a sexually abused infant as the ‘ultimate prize’ and

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