Trump on Mar-a-Lago docs: I declassified everything

Trump on Mar-a-Lago docs: I declassified everything

Arbiter in Trump docs probe signals intent to move quickly

Though Trump’s lawyers had requested the appointment of a special master to ensure an independent review of the documents, they have resisted Dearie’s request for more information about whether the seized records had been previously declassified — as Trump has maintained. His lawyers have consistently stopped short of that claim even as they asserted in a separate filing Tuesday that the Justice Department had not proven that the documents were classified. In any event, they say, a president has absolute authority to declassify information.

Trump slams DOJ's filing opposing 'special master,' allegation he tried to 'obstruct' probe: 'I Declassified!'

Mar-a-Lago affidavit acknowledges Trump admin. official’s claim that President Trump previously declassified seized docs


HARVEY: "I think that what (the FBI was after) were the declassified Russiagate Hoax documents from the CIA... showing CIA and FBI culpability. Trump had ordered those to be declassified, the fact that the DOJ did not go through with the process doesn't make those documents any less declassified. These documents proved that the Central Intelligence Agency neglected to include information because it was not consistent with the narrative that John Brennan and the DNI was putting out. It's damning of the CIA and of the FBI."

"You know for a fact that they had that information?"

"Yes. I worked on that project. ...Pompeo was later given all of this and decided to do NOTHING with that information."

POSO: "Remind me who was the station chief in London who would have had to sign off on all of this?"

HARVEY: "Gina Haspel...who later became the Director of the CIA."

Donald Trump: All Documents Seized by FBI Were ‘Declassified’ and ‘All They Had to Do Was Ask’

Documents at Mar-a-Lago Marked 'Classified' Were Already Declassified
Patel said the documents marked classified at Mar-a-Lago and seized by the National Archives in February were already declassified

Comey Memo Shows FBI Lied to EVERYONE
A “seven-page internal FBI memo dated March 8, 2017” was declassified recently. It documents the “talking points” the Federal Bureau of Instigation lined up for former Director Comey ahead of his meeting with congressional leadership. The memo is clearly “riddled with half-truths, outright falsehoods, and critical omissions,” RealClearInvestigations declares.
The Director was scheduled to give House and Senate back-to-back briefings the very next day. Since then, both committees have “held hearings based in part on the misrepresentations made in those FBI briefings.”
Trump hating adulteress Lisa Page was the one who prepared the memo. At the time, she was a senior FBI lawyer. She was also sleeping with bureau agent Peter Strzok and cooking up anti-Trump “insurance policies” with him in Andrew McCabe’s office.
Read more here: https://rightwingnewshour....

UFO Hearing: Pentagon shows declassified photos and video, clip of unexplainable floating object

Newly declassified FBI docs confirm ‘direct connection between Saudi government and 9/11’
The U.S. government has concealed the evidence of this for years, but some of it has been known. You can read about the Saudi connections to 9/11 in The History of Jihad. But the Saudis were never held accountable; instead, president after president denied their involvement. This story has still not been fully told.
“Declassified FBI memo ‘confirms’ direct connection between Saudi government and 9/11,” Business Insider (subscription required), May 6, 2022:
Numerous Saudi individuals were involved in th

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