Martha's Vineyard: Massachusetts governor solicits donations in migrant housing update

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom Solicited State Vendors for Campaign Donations

America, we all keep hearing about how these SOCIALISTS(ex-Democrats) keep raising millions, hell billions of dollars for their campaigns and the GOP morons keep screaming for more and more and more donations!

Where is ALL these millions of dollars going? TO BUY VOTES, hell yes, to a degree! I guess for advertisement to tell us more and more lies about what they AREN”T going to do for US, the American people! These SOB politicians just keep getting richer and richer at the cost of the American people!

America, it’s time to put a stop to these SOCIALISTIC bastards! They are hiring 87,000 gun totting IRS auditors to take even more of our money! We could use 87,000 more men and women inner military; but we don’t need these IRS SOBs!Biden/Obama must be stopped!

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My fellow Americans, when I try to donate to Trump or certain other individuals, I get this screen:

It refuses to let me donate to who I want to donate to! It all goes to the “", whoever they are! They do support RINOs, which means, to me, that part of my donation is going to a f’ing RINO! NO WAY! I will NOT allow one cent of my money to be used to support a RINO!

I get this screen when I try to donate to Trump or a certain individual! This BS "" supports everybody, meaning that part of your donation goes to support f'ing RINOs! I will NOT allow one cent of my money go toward supporting a f'ing RINO!

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 2.05.42 PM

My fellow Americans, every time I want to answer one of these questions, sign a poll or agree with something the GOP is pushing, as soon as I click on the item the DONATION page to “" comes up to collect contributions!

Who the hell is “", that we have to donate to them for everything?

When I donate, I want my donation to go to the individual, I’m donating for, not a bunch of individuals, that includes f’ing RINOs! I don’t want one cent of any donation I make, going to support these scumbag, SOCIALIST BASTARD RINOs!

Unless I can donate straight to Trump, or a specific individual, I won’t be donating! “SECURE.WINRED.COM" supports RINOs and I will NOT give a cent to a f’ing RINO!

Julian Assange submits his Perfected Grounds of Appeal | Crowdfunder Update | Human Chain Update | Justice Matching Donation

Warnock [D-GA] misuses campaign donations to pay child support

Warnock [D-GA] misuses campaign donations to pay child support

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New conservative group gets $1.6 billion donation to spend in midterms and beyond

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I plan to try to have a #podcast on everything hopefully by #Saturday August 20, 2022 - stay tuned, especially the new followers so I can explain in detail what is going on and my future online!

Martha Stewart didn't even get a pardon for her $33K donation.
I guess that's what you call liberal logic.

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