Musk: Twitter Has “Interfered In Elections”

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My fellow Americans, our nation’s “Election Integrity” is in the toilet!

These Socialists have pasted voting laws in THEIR home states, that makes “VOTER FRAUD” the way to them winning our elections!

America, 52 percent of voters, believe that voting by mail makes it much easier to cheat in U.S. Elections! The 2020 and 2022 elections are absolute PROOF of this action!

Voting by mail should only be authorized for our military and Americans living and working outside of the U.S. It should also include the sick and elderly, who are physically unable to get to a polling station to cast their votes in person!

All states should have the same voting rules, especially for Presidential elections, that way there is no doubt of rules or procedures in conducting our elections!

GOP launches review of party’s performance in 2022 elections after disappointing results

Are you okay with the Rigged Elections in Arizone simply because it's not where you live? Is that not proof enough that our Presidential election was rigged as well? Are you too comfortable to leave what you have behind and ensure the freedoms of our children and future descendants? What are you waiting for? Politicians? Trump? You must be okay with being a sheep. Feeling triggered? Well if the shoe fits... Those who refuse to do something are apart if the same problem that's plaguing our Nation. You are not a real Patriot if you're waiting on Politicians. You're a follower.
The time is now. It's sad that the far left is more about the action than the "Right".
Stop being a pussy and start training with your local group. Gather intel. Hit the streets. Do something

San Francisco, CA fires elections chief for being white https://amp.washingtontime...

Incompetent Arizona county sued over flawed elections

Republicans lead in last 2 US House elections

America, China is on the verge of buying every acre of American farmland!

This is meant to ALARM YOU! We, the American people will lose everything if this happens:
China will own the USA!
The American flag will be replaced by the flag of Communist China!
Religious liberties, freedom of speech, and fair and free elections will be abolished!

America, the only thing that will stop this is if every GOD-FEARING American reading this, helps stop this Communist takeover! I suggest everyone demand their representatives stop Communist China from buying OUR FARM LANDS! If China owns our farms, they own our food and we will lose our country! Americans can’t own property in China, therefore China should NOT be allowed to own American property, especially our FARMLANDS!

We lied about Covid. We lied about lockdowns. We lied about masks. We lied about the shots. We lied about Russian collusion. We lied about Trump. We lied about elections. We lied about inflation. We lied about climate. We lied about Ukraine.


- The Media

America, if the anti-American Senate passes S.1, the Federal government will have 100% total control over our Federal elections! The Federal Government will tell/dictate to the states HOW TO RUN their Federal elections!

What does that mean? It means the Socialists will NEVER lose! It means SOCIALISM has 100% total control over our country! America will be “DEAD”!

This is why I am asking everyone, every red-blooded American, demand your Senator votes “NO” on S.1. Vote them out if they don’t!

America, these Socialists are trying to pass PURE garbage S.1. We will lose farms, cattle ranches and other valuable land for our economy! The corrupt, anti-American Senate is going to vote on S.1. which is what the American people do NOT want or need!

If S.1 passes there will be a pre-determined outcome for ALL future Federal elections!

If S.1 passes it will dictate to states how elections MUST be run by trampling on our First Amendment rights!

If S.1 passes by importing ALL the rules of a large Federal bureaucracy, it will leave the fate of our democracy up to Electoral lawyers (Socialists)!

In other words, the Federal government will totally control our elections, meaning they will NOT lose an election!

Demand your Senators vote “NO” on S.1!

Are you sick and tired of Marc Elias interfering in OUR ELECTIONS? This from David Jose...

A We the People demand an investigation into Attorney Marc Elias!

All People of All States

Please sign this notice to demand immediate action be taken to investigate Marc Elias and his interference in matters of the People’s elections. kelliwardaz

San Francisco, CA fires elections chief for being white https://amp.washingtontime...

Incompetent Arizona county sued over flawed elections

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