Food Shortages warned as plants burn down

06/18/2022 - A growing number of food processing plants have been burning down as of late, as gove4rnment officials have been warning about food shortages. The events looked coordinated, and growing concern among American citizens exist that this may be a manufactured crisis.

In Light of my last 2 posts on the planned #foodshortages : I have link it before, but a reminder and for those who did not know:

On My Flagship Website, if you scroll down to the button about Growing Your #Organic #food and #Storing , Caning, etc. anyone who can I appeal to them as well as #churches , places of worship, #hospitals , etc. to make an attempt,

the button will take you to :

They’re Not Predicting #foodshortages – They’re Planning Them: 20 Food Processing Plants Burned Down In Past 5 Months (Video) - #GodDamnAmerica - https://thewashingtonstand...

in light of my last post:
On My Flagship Website, I have a section on how you can (and those who can, really need to consider doing it in light of potential and current #foodshortages , please do not wait until your bellies growl!) grow, store, can, etc. #Organic #food - scroll down to the button "Grow Your Own Food & Become Self Sufficient" which will take you to

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