MP1517DR chip
MPSK391517DR is a boost converter chip with miniature 4mm*4mm 16-pin QFN packaging technology, located in the lower right corner of the front of the Antminer S17+ hash board. Its current mode regulation and external compensation components allow the MP1517DR control loop to be optimized over a wide range of input, output and load current conditions.
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Hashboard thermal grease, also known as thermal paste, is a high thermal conductivity silicone insulating material. Thermally conductive silicone grease has high thermal conductivity, wide operating temperature, and good stability in use. It is used in conjunction with the upgraded heat sink of the hashboard to effectively reduce the temperature of the hashboard.
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When the voltage in the DC-DC circuit of the Antminer L3+ hash board is abnormal, first check whether the PIC voltage value is consistent with the DC-DC output voltage through the tool print information; if not, you need to replace the low capacitance around the LM27402SQ. Details:
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