Zeus Mining Repair Video Tutorial: Troubleshooting Antminer S17+ Hash Board with New Test Fixture
The 2022 new version of the test fixture, with a touch screen, is used to locate the damaged ASIC chip and hash rate test of the Antminer hash board. For specific usage, please click the link to view:
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Jasminer x4.Jasminer X4 profitability.

Jasminer x4 ASIC model of the Jasminer mining Ethash & Etchash algorithm with a hash rate of 2500 Mh/s for a power consumption of 1200W.

Application: Mining farm
Advantage: High hashrate, low power consumption
Algorithm: ETCHASH
Hashrate: 2500MH/s±10%
Power consumption:1200W±10% Watt per MH/S:0.48
Working temperature:0-40℃
Operating humidity:5%RH-95%RH non condensation
Network connection mode:Ethernet
Noise level:≤75db
Please visit this site: https://jasminer.tech/?pro...

Buy ipollo v1

Model iPollo V1 from iPollo mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 3.6Gh/s for a power consumption of 3100W.
Brand--ipollo v1 2000m
Hash Rate--2000mh
GPU Memory--5.6G
Delivery---August-Oct 2021
Gross Weight--14.7kg
Cooling ---6*fans

Know more information please visit here: https://ipollotech.com/pro...

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