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True Story...unfortunately.

This is an actual/confirmed email sent by Hillary's BFF & campaign mgr. John Podesta.

I challenge anyone to justify it.

And remember, this isn't the only super-sketchy thing that's been attached to this smarmy bastard.

Not by a long shot.

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I'm seeing HOPE why made no changes to this posting
Who else seeing this ? ( Honesty Policy )
That hand within a hand is a pedophile symbol. They do not deserve such imagery we need to take it back just like the rainbow does not belong to the gay community it belongs to God and to all people. In this hand logo in your post it is like an adult holding a child's hand like normal positions the hands would be in walking side by side or helping a child up when they fall, in the pedophile symbol it is an adult hand like holding down a child's hand. Their symbols are sick, I like how this hand within a hand symbol is like correcting the positions hands of adults and children should be in relation to each other. Walking side by side or helping a child up instead of pressing down from above. I hate it that they use this symbol like it is supposed to be cute when it is so disturbingly dark.
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