BREAKING! Gov. Kathy Hochul announces that New York will follow California in mandating 100% zero-emissions for new vehicles by 2035


The digital dollar will not be anonymous, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell says
Erasing the anonymity of physical cash and privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.

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Even without the never before seen level of financial control that CBDCs would give to governments, some countries have already demonstrated that they’re willing to use their financial systems to target protestors. One of the most prominent examples of this was the Canadian government’s actions against the Freedom Convoy which was protesting vaccine mandates. The Canadian government froze the bank accounts of protesters and their family members and gave protestors permanent records.


NOW - Canada lifts all COVID border requirements for travelers and suspends mask mandate for planes and trains.

Canada drops vax mandate for athletes, visitors

Vaccine Mandate Ruled ‘Invalid’ for Police Association Members in New York

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#Unvaccinated Americans face job loss, no pay while seeking exemptions from state and local #COVID #Mandates

Rolovich: 'Lack of answers' led to vax refusal

‘Everyone Has a Right to Follow His Conscience’: Military Chaplains Sue Pentagon Over Vaccine Mandate

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US Farmers Grab the Lobbying Pitchforks as Greens Sow Costly New Reporting Mandates

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Unvaccinated Americans face job loss, no pay while seeking exemptions from state and local COVID mandates

Sen. Blackburn introduces bill to end military vaccine mandate

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