Mumblit Update: Character limit now 1000

05/16/2022 - In an effort to accommodate those who blog regularly, we have upped the character limit on mumbls to 1000 characters. We have not located any issues that would occur due to this change, therefore it is effective immediately.

Fauci: Those Who Lash Out Against Me Are Anti-Science Conspiracy Nut Jobs

In response Rogue Nation Eternal Militia to his Mumbl

Mumblit does a direct line to authorities within minutes, and ensures they are reported to multiple other social platforms as well.

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It looks like Mumblit doesn't have group functionality. Bummer.

Just joined mumblit. Not sure how many folks are actually using this site, but it does look pretty decent.

I forgot to post the Nuzlocke rules I was following here on Mumblit. To makes things easier, just click this link to my Minds post:

The newly added feature allowing Mumblit users to copy an image online somewhere and paste it here easily is a great addition/'s the "Fo' Shizzle!"

In response Site Admin to his Mumbl

NICE! Those are great improvements that add more flexibility and convenience for Mumblit users! 👍

Thanks Mumblit for making the change so that I can paste Memes, gifs, photos, etc direct into my timeline, without having to first save them to my desktop!!!!

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