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In the realm of NFTs, utility is gaining prominence over collectible value. This shift is particularly beneficial for gamers, as NFT gaming marketplaces offer them complete ownership of in-game assets. Gamers can utilize these assets to earn money in play-to-earn (P2E) games, but they also have the option to rent or sell them on various marketplaces. This integration of NFTs into gaming provides gamers with new avenues for financial gain and asset ownership.

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Mary Bourne
6 months ago
andy crestodina
1 yr. ago
Why a cricket p2e game can be bigger than what we see?


Cricket is a sport with a massive 2.5 billion fanbase around the world. It has an ardent fan following after Football. A p2e game for cricket is in itself unique from the other games.

While most of the p2e games today are built around the same arena of battleship and racing a game like cricket will sound fresh in itself. Also, it will innately attract the huge fanbase as they get to earn while playing the game they admire. The users will not need to learn anything new about the game as they already know the gameplay. It also has scope to integrate a lot of third-party brands into it.

Now, you know why a cricket p2e game can be bigger than a normal p2e game.

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