America, China is on the verge of buying every acre of American farmland!

This is meant to ALARM YOU! We, the American people will lose everything if this happens:
China will own the USA!
The American flag will be replaced by the flag of Communist China!
Religious liberties, freedom of speech, and fair and free elections will be abolished!

America, the only thing that will stop this is if every GOD-FEARING American reading this, helps stop this Communist takeover! I suggest everyone demand their representatives stop Communist China from buying OUR FARM LANDS! If China owns our farms, they own our food and we will lose our country! Americans can’t own property in China, therefore China should NOT be allowed to own American property, especially our FARMLANDS!

PLEASE STOP THE GOP Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: ‘Have the Courage to Protect’ Free Exercise of Religion!!
Mike Lee SenMikeLee (TWITTER)
We still have time to protect religious liberty. We’re asking our colleagues to support my amendment.

This is why I plead with you, STOP VOTING & BACKING BOTH PARTIES both #Democrats #Republicans the #UniParty and START VOTING #Constitutional Independents!
12 #GOP #Senators Voted to Eliminate Religious Freedom & Political Dissent

Roy Blunt of #Missouri , Richard Burr of #NorthCarolina , Shelley Capito of #WestVirginia , Susan Collins of #Maine , Cynthia Lummis of #Wyoming , Rob Portman of #Ohio , #MittRomney of #Utah , Dan Sullivan of #Alaska , Thom Tillis of #NorthCarolina , #JoniErnst of #Iowa , #LisaMurkowski of Alaska, and Todd Young of #Indiana .

Religious groups divided over same-sex marriage bill

Utah Sen. Mike Lee warns religious liberty protections in same-sex marriage bill are 'severely anemic'

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Author of “Common Sense” #ThomasPaine (February 9, 1737 – June 8, 1809 age 72) in Lighting the Fuse that Brought About the Separation: The Least #religious #Forefather – Think Again (Video) https://sonsoflibertymedia...

Kyrie Irving Ordered to Renounce His Religious Beliefs to Play Again For The Brooklyn Nets

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America, scream at your reps and demand this bill be stopped!!!

The Democratic-led U.S. Senate leadership promised a vote on the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. All 50 Senate Democrats and four Republicans are on board. The bill already passed the House. The Senate vote will be very close. But we can—we MUST—stop it!

HR 8404 will do all the following, and more:

Impose same-sex marriage.
Expand child bride marriages.
Open the door for polygamy and polyamory.
Establish a national public policy that gender is irrelevant.
Expand the LGBTQ agenda.
Target churches and religious organizations.

This is a dangerous bill. The Senate is our last opportunity to stop HR 8404.

Key Takeaways

Russian siloviki factions continue to voice dissatisfaction with the Russian war effort in Ukraine, likely indicating that President Vladimir Putin will struggle to appease the pro-war faction.
Direct confrontations between Putin and siloviki members regarding the war in Ukraine illustrate the significance of siloviki factions in Russian power structures.
Russian officials are likely rhetorically realigning the war in Ukraine with religious ideals ostensibly accessible to both Christians and Muslims to cater to religious and ethnic minorities.
Russian occupation officials continue to claim that the evacuations in Kherson Oblast are a part of a larger resettlement program.
Levada polling surveys suggest that the Russian public’s sentiments toward the Russian government have not fundamentally changed despite societal pressures associated with the war in Ukraine.
Russian sources claimed that Ukrainian forces conducte

Pope Francis Uniting Roman Catholics and Muslims Forming World Church!

There are about 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, and faith groups in the world, and Pope Francis is trying to get everyone together; however, each group…

#JoeBiden Administration’s Attempt to Force #Healthcare Workers to Violate Their Ethical & #religious Convictions Circumvents the #Constitution

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