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AZ - Did you witness suspicious activity or were you or someone you know denied the right to vote due to tabulator/printer/box 3 shenanigans?

Report what happened at

Video - Pastor Bryan Denlinger - #sermon #Scriptures #bible #biblestudy #kjv #kingjamesbible - REPOST - I FULLY SUPPORT THIS VIDEO & PLEAD WITH YOU ALL TO WATCH, STUDY - The Serious #sin Of #Vaccination

Best relationship advice to take from Bollywood celebrities. #relationship #love #matrimony #Marriage #lifepartner

Biden shopping for books about Brain Exercises for Dementia

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Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign-repost before taken down

I don't see why one video would destroy his campaign, especially after all the acts of treason sedition and violated numerous federal laws! if this was my generation that was in charge now we would of hung biden on white house lawn!!

BRUTAL: Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign - YouTube

This is BAD for Joe biden. If the media actually covered the race fairly, Joe would have probably dropped out by now.Joe Biden's past is BRUTAL.—Available no...

This is why, even if America was 100% green, we could offset or make a change in the amount of pollution killing our planet! What the liberal satanic Dems are doing is wasting money and resources! The Dems know this so why do they push it? Bc of kickbacks and destroying America. biden is weakening America so China can walk in without a fight and take over America. Just ask china joe!!
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Contemplating Suicide Guy
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America, this is a repost of this TRAITOR Biden’s ongoing destruction of OUR country!

This is Biden trying to make OUR America subject to Communist China!

Biden to introduce “SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM” like China has!

Biden’s Executive Order 14067 could pave the way for a social credit system, just like China’s!

In China, if you say the wrong thing social media, forget to pay a bill, or even play music to loud… you get labelled as “untrustworthy!

They can then take away your ability to travel, restrict your internet access… and deny your family the best schools or jobs.

All this is going on right now, thanks to Biden’s new Order!

If Biden’s corruption continues, America becomes a total “surveillance state,” just like China!

I strongly suggest, everyone VOTE straight GOP!

What Difference at This Point Does It Make??

Socialist Mop Reposts Viral Video of Hillary Clinton Stealing Classified Documents Set to Music

The claim that “Trump knew he lost the 2020 election” is the preposterous foundation of the #January6th hearings. So what if underlings TOLD him that? Trump didn’t BELIEVE them. If there’s one thing Trump was sure of—and still is—it’s that he won the 2020 election. (He did.)

Beijing Biden implicated in international sex trafficking.
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This is a true story from a farmer in the Midwest- and I’m reposting it-THINK...Really think about this...
A close friend farms over 10,000 acres of corn in the mid-west. The property is spread out over 3 counties. His operation is a "partnership farm" with John Deere. They use the larger farm operations as demonstration projects for promotion and development of new equipment. He recently received a phone call from his John Deere representative, and they want the farm to go to electric tractors and combines in 2023. He currently has 5 diesel combines that cost $900,000 each that are traded in every 3 years. Also, over 10 really BIG tractors.
JD wants him to go all electric soon.
He said: "Ok, I have some questions. How do I charge these combines when they are 3 counties away from the shop in the middle of a cornfield, in the middle of nowhere?" "How do I run them 24 hours a day for 10 or 12 days straight when the harvest is ready, and the weather is coming in?" "How do I get a 50,00

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