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We will be opening up sign up for the site once again, however, it will require a code sent via email. We will still be filtering out bots by checking accounts and mumbls which are being posted. Please also help us by reporting accounts that are displaying spam behaviors.
Melissa How
8 months ago
Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

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1 yr. ago
I got out of the army in 1970 went home to Washington state to get a job. Boeing had laid off about 100 thousand people. When I applied for jobs, I was told I was qualified but I was the wrong gender and color a bunch of times when applying for jobs. Now that is racial bios. These are facts not fiction I was told by interviewers that I was the wrong sex and wrong color in several job interviews.

I made this statement and it is under review by the thought police in microsoft start

1 yr. ago
So Beetlejuice goes to Europe to promote Chicago business on the taxpayer dime, meanwhile the slaughter continues on the south and west sides. Last weekend 71 shootings.

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