One America News
4 days ago
Study: 83% Of Tattoo Inks Contain Ingredients Linked To Major Health Risks https://www.oann.com/newsr...
Geo Proxus
1 month ago
I hope all tattooed broads ultimately regret their decisions to get marked up. I'm glad to see a remorseful woman encouraging others to make better choices than she did.

“But, but, but Geo, that's so insensitive! Tattooed women can be beautiful on the inside!”

Inner beauty is wonderful and necessary, but outer beauty is not unimportant. Sculpt your body; don't use it as a canvas for graffiti.
Harry Two
5 months ago
October 17, 2023 #breakingnews : #IsraeliNewsLive RayUCFT aljp
A Dangerous Tattoo https://youtu.be/1EUKk8ru8... via @YouTube
A Dangerous Tattoo - YouTube

Who can imagine that a tattoo in Hebrew could cost a person in their life well, it seems to be a future set of laws could do exactly that. 

Vivid Ink Tattoos
8 months ago (E)
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Christine Moods
10 months ago
Why are the Allen mall shooter's tattoos so damn fresh?

A Hispanic man with recent tattoos of Nazi symbols and the city of Dallas? This just doesn't add up.
Twisted Eagle
10 months ago
Just ran over 20 people, killing 7 and now sleeping like a baby as he recovers in the hospital. Mainstream media is saying he and the Allen mall mass murderer have ties to "white supremacy ideology" due to tattoos. However, both have tattoos connected to Mexican gang Tango Blast. Valluco 956 RGV (RioGrandeValley) is part of the Tango Blast from the Valley.
11 months ago
A message from his late father: Bennett's inspirational tattoo https://www.espn.com/golf/...
11 months ago
Sacramento Kings fan gets tattoo of head coach Mike Brown https://www.espn.com/nba/s...
Twisted Eagle
12 months ago
Happy birthday to Barron Trump, who turned 17 today. Here he is with his father years ago.
45: "I want all As. And when you get older, no drugs. No alcohol. No cigarettes. And, you know what else? No tattoos. I don't ever want to see tattoos on you." https://t.me/midwest_intel...
Alex Jones
1 yr. ago
Watch: El Salvador Sends Thousands of Tattooed Gang Members to Mega-Prison https://www.infowars.com/p...
Twisted Eagle
1 yr. ago
The main statements of the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya at the meeting of the Security Council of the world organization on Ukraine:
- Russia has never declared the goal of destroying Ukraine, statements to the contrary are false;
-The Russian Federation is ready to negotiate on the peaceful realization of the goals of the special operation, it will not even consider other scenarios;
- Russia welcomes genuine aspirations for peace in Ukraine, such as China's proposals;
- The “peace summit” proposed by the Kiev authorities in January eventually turned into information hype and fuss;
- Ukraine, which Western countries are trying to present as a "victim of aggression", itself attacked the inhabitants of Donbass in 2014, its hands are up to the elbows in blood and Nazi tattoos.
1 yr. ago
Messi's face appears on cornfields, skyscrapers and tattoos after World Cup triumph https://www.espn.com/socce...
iVA Skin Care Center
1 yr. ago
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1 yr. ago
'I finally got tattooed': Jan Scherrer pays off bet to wife with new ink https://www.espn.com/olymp...
1 yr. ago
1 yr. ago
Devoted die-hard Messi fans and their tattoos of the Argentina superstar https://www.espn.com/socce...
Vivid Ink Tattoos
2 yr. ago

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