steven oz0
1 yr. ago
EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and there are over 600+ Known EVM chains including
ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, and many more.
These networks support smart contracts like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. Here ERC stands for
Ethereum Request for Comment. These standards have especially ERC20 been dominant & helpful
in Creating Tokens in Cryptocurrency networks. Tokens have been quite popular in There have been
an increasing number of tokens in multiples of thousands.
ICOs stands for Initial Coin Offering or IEO ie Initial Exchange Offerings have used tokens in their
ECO system.
Most exchanges nowadays support EVM Wallet and their tokens. To support tokens Developer use
Either GETH [ Go Ethereum Client], Or use Hdwallet+ [Moralis or Other Public APIs]
Known Issues with Geth.
Frank Seymour
2 yr. ago
My fellow Americans, I sent this entire article out on facebook about the “Digital Dollar.” Biden is going to destroy our American dollar, under the cause of “world-wide digital money!” Supposedly many other countries are shifting to some sort of “digital money.”

On Mar 9, 2022, Biden quietly, without Congress or the knowledge of the American people signed “Executive Order 14067” which is the most TREACHEROUS ACT by any sitting President in the history of our country!

What this means for the American people, is that we will become servant to this corrupt anti-American government! The cash, we now have will become useless paper! “Programable digital tokens” will replace our money!

Everyone read Executive Order 14067 Sect 4! More to come, it means LOSS of our FREEDOM!

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