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Twisted Eagle
3 days ago
On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we remember the lives lost 82 years ago.

We salute our troops today and never forget the sacrifice these brave men and women made to protect our great nation. May God be with them and their family as we remember their lives.
4 months ago
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6 months ago
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Amber Kelly
8 months ago
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steven oz0
11 months ago
EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine, and there are over 600+ Known EVM chains including
ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, and many more.
These networks support smart contracts like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155. Here ERC stands for
Ethereum Request for Comment. These standards have especially ERC20 been dominant & helpful
in Creating Tokens in Cryptocurrency networks. Tokens have been quite popular in There have been
an increasing number of tokens in multiples of thousands.
ICOs stands for Initial Coin Offering or IEO ie Initial Exchange Offerings have used tokens in their
ECO system.
Most exchanges nowadays support EVM Wallet and their tokens. To support tokens Developer use
Either GETH [ Go Ethereum Client], Or use Hdwallet+ [Moralis or Other Public APIs]
Known Issues with Geth.
1 yr. ago
Frank Seymour
1 yr. ago
More Biden corruption:

“Goodbye, petrol-powered automobile, you peasant! The move away from fossil fuels is long past due and it can’t advance quickly enough,” according to Biden Admin Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm, “so middle-class and working-class Americans should get their wallets ready.”

In a recent video, the energy secretary for Biden stated, “Right now, we are seeing the start of perhaps one of the most important historical events in humanity’s history. The transition to clean energy.”

These remarks coincide with record-breaking gas prices, unheard-of inflation, the ongoing supply chain crisis, and what appears to be a looming recession, according to The Post Millenial.

More to come:
Imprint5 China
1 yr. ago
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1 yr. ago
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Hazel Zoey
1 yr. ago
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Twisted Eagle
1 yr. ago
“Your emission rights will be stored in a carbon wallet. So if I wanted to fly, I would buy some carbon emission rights from someone who can’t afford to fly. For example this way this poor person can earn some extra money.”

Welcome to the WEF zero carbon neofeudal future where the poor can sell their ability to live for “extra cash.” #AbsoluteZero

Swedish fintech company Doconomy has launched a new credit card that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers - and cuts off their spending when they hit their carbon max.

It uses the Aland Index as the basis on which it calculates the carbon footprint of each product purchased.

[Ice Age Farmer note: this Aland index can be tweaked at any time by the technocrats for social engineering. Want people eating bugs? Meat has impossible Carbon score. Limited travel? Etc. Rockefeller Foundation calls this “true cost accounting”, and it affords total control through....

Twisted Eagle
1 yr. ago
The UN, the IMF, and the World Bank want the global economy to be based on programmable central bank digital currencies, biometric wallets, and digital IDs, connected to vaccine passports, carbon footprints, and a social credit system based on their communist values.

SDR = Social credit score for countries.
ESG = Social credit score for companies.
CBDC = Social credit score for citizens.

Lockdowns, covid, censorship, inflation, war, and climate change are all tools to help them get there.
Ministry Of Truth
1 yr. ago
Vote With Your Wallet: #BoycottKroger Foods!
The Kroger Co. Family of Stores includes all of the following:
City Market
Food 4 Less
Foods Co
Fred Meyer
Jay C Food Store
King Soopers
Metro Market
Pay-Less Super Markets
Pick’n Save
Smith’s Food and Drug
Boycott Kroger Nationwide
Frank Seymour
1 yr. ago
America, Joe Biden wants to RUIN your life!

Joe Biden: “We’re changing people’s lives!”

CHANGE? You should be saying “RUIN!”

— Gas prices “STRAINING” American wallets;
— Illegal Aliens “POURING” over our border in record numbers;
— Violent criminals “RUNNING” rampant in our streets;
— Mother’s “STRUGGLING” to find formula for hungry babies.

Has Illegal Biden changed your life for “BETTER or WORSE?”

Republicans want to give you a better future. But Joe Biden wants to RUIN your life. He’s LYING about the disastrous consequences of his presidency, and House Conservatives are ready to prove it.

The Liberal Media is happy to push Biden’s lies about his “successful” agenda.

I truly suggest everyone vote “REPUBLICAN!”
Frank Seymour
1 yr. ago
America, here is how this ILLEGAL, CORRUPT, anti-American scumbag Biden is “CHANGING OUR America!”

Biden’s meaning of “CHANGE:”

GAS PRICES - - “STRAINING” American wallets;
ILLEGAL ALIENS - - “POURING” over our border in record numbers;
VIOLENT CRIMINALS - - “RUNNING”rampant in our cities
MOTHERS “STRUGGLING” to find formula for hungry babies.

America, make NO MISTAKE:

Biden is personally accountable for his administration’s devastating impact on our country!
2 yr. ago
GA Log Cabin GOP
2 yr. ago
Atlanta, GA has 3rd highest homicide rate increase since BLM riots https://www.11alive.com/ar...
Twisted Eagle
2 yr. ago

“I want ordinary citizens of Western states to hear me too. They are now trying to convince you that all your difficulties are the result of some hostile actions of Russia. That from your wallet you need to pay for the fight against the mythical Russian threat. It's all a lie!

And the truth is that the problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of years of actions by the ruling elites in the West. Their mistakes, myopia and ambitions. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens.....

~: Vladimir Putin
Twisted Eagle
2 yr. ago
Tweet from Disclose tv :

Co-founder and CEO of Kraken, one of the largest crypto exchanges, urges people to get their coins out of custodial wallets amid developments in Canada.

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