About Mumblit
Mumblit is a social media platform dedicated to the preservation of free speech, rights, and liberty. Anyone is welcome, and we encourage you to speak your mind.

This open forum is not affiliated with the Trump Presidency, family or any Trump businesses. It's a pro-Trump network for fans to have a place to voice their opinions without fear of losing access to their social media accounts (ghosted, banned, suspended, etc).

This is Mumblit. A free-speech social site for people of all kinds, but more specifically, the supporters of President Trump that have been tarred and feathered by hostile internet conglomerates and tech elites inside Silicon Valley.

My name is Nicholas Szankovics and I’m the founder of Mumblit and a recent victim of Facebook targeting. After Facebook disabled my personal account and deleted my network of conservative pages — which had over $25,000 invested — I knew it was time to do something.

So, in this important political climate in America — where division has reached a critical mass and open, honest debate is rare occurrence — it’s time to bring forth a platform that encourages political debate, from every end of every spectrum. Hence, Mumblit was born.

Speak your mind freely and let's get back to what this country is all about -- liberty and justice for all.