TWD Mirrors Society

Politics is societal shift. The shift is mirrored in the maturing of The Walking Dead. Read this interesting piece from MrOldTimer....


Politickles is important as we agree, but conservatives *can* walk and chew tobacco at the same time if they choose to. So, has anyone been monitoring TWD this year? Noticed anything different in tone?


I postulate that you have seen the girlification of TWD. Possibly organic but more likely a cynical shift by the operators to solidify the girl audience. And there would be a reason for that...

Once upon a time girls called the shots for fantasy and boys set the course for science fiction. Then a thing happened.... The girlified sissy progressive liberal editors let the girls take over both genres. And therein is a massive problem.

SciFi has been a driver in society. A silent one...but a potent one. It played a founding role in us getting to the moon for example. Boy kids growing up with comic books, and later graduating to hard science fiction took to space when they became men.

Suppose scifi had been girlified in the 50's. Do you think we would have gone to the moon then? The answer is certainly not. We didn't FEEL our way to the moon....and feelings is the province of girls.... and also nowadays the hard nosed perpetrators of feely feely TWD stories.

Today the main consumers of modern touchy feely SF is....girls. Same as fantasy.

Men have been sidelined. Whereas a man editor would pass quality stories and books regardless of who wrote it...when girls take over girls favor girls. And taking editors out of the equation, such as with Amazon, where anyone can publish...the driver of Amazon is...females. Writers and consumers both.

Guys don't have to sit around quietly and take it. But they do. Some think the majority of western modern males have totally given in to their loins. Be the girl to get the girl. Seems reasonable....and unsustainable.