Decade and decades of planning by a small group to control the rest of the population. This must end.

A nasty little thought just hit me. Its really sad actually. With the [DS] Military Industrial complex going back decades. Who's to say that Mattel other companies where not part of it. And that was our indoctrination period to fight their [DS] for profit wars for them? Korea. Vietnam. ?????
But as Paul Harvey used to say,"Now here's the rest of the story."
Having so indoctrinate so many Americans in that way. Is it any wonder that the younger generations are being taught to dislike the Boomers? The [DS] having realized that they created through a miscalculation, a surviving  patriotic war band population of greater number than they predicted. Orchestrated the demonstrations that had... "Baby Killers"  Spitting on returning Veterans.  And other tactics as a counter to their mistake of prediction. Now to the point that the barely grown up children of Boomers want their Parents Boomer population dead. And say so out loud.
Summery- Many more % soldiers survived the 'for profit wars' than estimated.  The [DS] Created a population of Patriots. Knew that if the Patriots [100,000,000 + people, 65,000,000 that are armed] ever figured out what was done to them would turn on [DS] [NWO]. Which gives us the new opposite tactic by [DS/NWO]... The pussifying a nation while importing fighters and FUTURE conflicting groups. In the 2020's to 2050's  (Christian Hispanics fighting Islam jihadist on American soil in open combat.)
Question for  Q  ...
How accurate is that?
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