God's Gizmos, Gadgets and Glory

A closer look at some of the novel and ingenious tools God has supernaturally designed and given to his children to help them overcome the wiles of the devil in their daily lives and walk in the fullness of who he created them to be.



God Tells us to put on the Garment of Praise

For the Spirit of Heaviness! (Isaiah 61:3)


God gave us this awesone tool called PRAISE!

Praise works like a magnifyhing glass.

It causes what you are focusing on to get bigger...

to be magnified.


David said,

"Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt

his name together.  I sought the Lord and he heard me

and delivered me from all my fears."  (Psalm 34: 3-4)


Instead of focusing our minds on problems in our lives

praise causes us to focus our attention on the Problem Solver...

and on his promises.


God has given us the garment of praise!

Why do we need a garment of praise?

... for the spirit of heaviness.


Today our world is filled to overflowing with heaviness.

Everywhere we look there is trouble and problems.

As the world gets darker and darker the spirit of heaviness thrives.

Heaviness steals our strength and our energy.

It makes people tired and steals our joy and our hope.


But, when our hearts are heavy and we begin to praise God,

the heaviness is replaced with a new sense of hope and joy.

As we worshp the Lord, we are reminded that

God is bigger than any situation we might be facing in our life. 

We are reminded that God is not only able to manage any problem

satan might bring against us,

God is also willing and ready to help.   He is a loving Heavenly Father

and he desires to help his children when we are in need of help.


We need to fill our days with praise.

Don't just take coffee breaks throughout your day...

Take praise breaks!   We need to make time to praise God...

If you have to... schedule Praise into your busy daily calendars.


There is so much to praise God for!

We can praise him for his love, his grace, his favor, his guidance, his power

his attributes, and his goodness toward us... just to name a few!


The heaviness that satan is trying to oppress us with... 

the weights of the world that steal our energy, strength and power...

will suddenly disappear as we put on the garment of praise.


Praise is a tool that God has given us to take on his strength

(his force, security boldness, power and majesty).

God has told us that praise stills the enemy (Psalm 8:2)

The word STILLS means makes to cease or makes to leave.

Praise causes the enemey to stop messing with us and leave!


Praise releases our Father God to fill in wherever we may be weak....

and actually take over and take care of things for us.

Praise releases God's strength... his power... the full force of God!

It invites God to come in with full force and show off big on our behalf!


Satan used to be the Praise and Worship leader in heaven.

He fully understands the power in praise.

When we praise God it is like opening up satan's old wounds

and rubbing salt into them.   

Is it any wonder satan can't stand it when we Praise God?


In the Old Testament we see many places where praisers were  sent in 

before the warriors in a battle... and all of these battles were won!


The battle is the Lord's.  It is a battle between God and satan.

The only reason satan messes with us is because God loves us.

Satan wants to steal what is rightfullly ours... What God has given us...

the gifts to help us walk in dominion here on the earth...

everything that Jesus died on the cross to reclaim for God.

Our praise tells satan to shut up and leave us alone.

Praise is an open expression of our trust in God.

We must remember that Jesus already won the battles for all of mankind.


What we deal with on a daily basis 

are our own personal mind battles.


Every second of every day we are faced with the choice....

Are we going to believe what the Word of God says?

or are we going to believe the half truths, accusations, 

and outright lies that satan whispers into our minds?

satan tries to steal everything Jesus has already won the battle for

from our lives... by waging warfare in our minds.


Are we going to believe God's Word?

or are we going to believe the pressures satan brings against us...

as he tries to convince us that God's Word will not work for us?

Satan knows Jesus has already won the battle... 

He was the loser in that fight.

We must also remember Jesus has already won the battles for us!


God has told us not to trust what we look at with our human eyes in this world.

Everything here in this world is subject to change.  It is temporary. 

Instead, we are to focus on what the Word of God says.   God's Word is eternal.   

It is constant.  It never changes.   We can rely on it. 

If God said it in his Word, he will bring it to pass. 

It is our job to take God at his word and believe what he has told us!




When we praise God, we get our mind off of our circumstances.

We focus our mind on God.

God is no longer hindered by any doubts, unbelief, anxiety, worries, 

stress or concerns that satan is whispering in our minds 

or by anything that we see or feel in the natural.


Out of our mouths God perfects our praise...

He goes before us into the battle and stills our enemies.

When we praise God,the battles suddenly cease in our minds

and  our battles become the Lord's.


Praise opens the door of our mouth

and gives God entrance into the battle to fight on our behalf.


The battles we fight on earth are actualy fought in our minds...

in our hearts... in the words spoken from our mouths...


God shows us in Matthew 6:11 

that we take a thought by saying it.  


When we speak a thought, we accept it.   We give it life.

We are created in the very image and likeness of God.

God formed us and the entire world we live in, by words.

.... words spoken from his mouth.


Our words also have creative power and satan understands this.

His favoreite battle field is in our minds.

He whispers lies, half-truths, past failures, temptations, 

doubts... accusations... anything he can think of... 

to try and get us to speak contrary to the Word of God.


God tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we are to take every thought

captive that does not line up with the Word of God.

We are to refuse to let these thoughts cross the lips of our mouths.


We are to bind these thoughts (take them captive)

and refuse to give them life. 

Instead of speaking those lying thoughts of the devil

we are to speak what God's Word says about those situations.


Thoughts unspoken will die unborn.


But if we entertain thoughts that don't line up with the Word of God...

if we think about them and mull them over ... and continue to give them

freedom to fill our minds, it won't be long before we are speaking them.


God tells us in Phillippians 4:8 Whatever things are true, 

whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are

pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report,

if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, think on these things.

There is that word praise again!


In Luke 6:45, the Bible tells us that it is out of the abundance of our heart that our

mouth speaks and Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts,

because out of our hearts flow the issues of life.


God tells us in Proverbs 21:23 that the man who is able to guard his heart

and his tongue keeps his soul (his mind, will and emotions) from trouble.


Proverbs 13:3  tells us "He who guards his mouth protects his life

but the one who opens his lips invites his own ruin."


Proverbs 18:21 says life and death are in the power of the tongue.


James reminds us in James 3:2 that none of us are perfect... We all stumble.  

He says if anyone is never at faault in what he says, he is a perfect man,

able to control his whole body.


Faith in God's Word comes by hearing and hearing it spoken.

Faith in satan's words comes the same way...


The life we are living today is a direct product of

the words we have spoken in the past.

If you want to change your life, you must first change

the words coming out of your mouth.

God told his people we can have what we say, 

but instead his people keep saying what they have.


God tells us that we are  IN this world, but we are not OF this world.

As I said earlier, we were created in the very image of God... 

Just like God, man is a three part being.   We are a spirit.

We have a soul (mind, will and emotions) and we live in a body.


If we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, 

our Spirit has been born again.  It has been renewed.  

The very spirit of Christ is now living in us!

But, our soul (mind will and emotions) and our body were not changed.

It is now our job to bring our soul and our body into alignment 

with the Word of God... with God's way of doing and thinking.


God has given us many novel and ingenious supernatural gizmos and gadgets 

in a wide arsenl of tools and weapons to help us do this.   One of these is the 

Garment of Praise.  As you can see, it is a very useful God-Given Gizmo... Let's 

not forget to use it!


*** God has been telling me to a start a newsleter and/or blog where I can share with others what he is revealing to me about all of the awesome supernatural tools that He has given to his children.  God has given us these tools to help us overcome the wiles of the devil in our daily lives and to walk in the fullnes of who he has created each of us to be.  We are called for such a time as this.  Each of us was created with a destiny...  a purpose.   God has given us so many awesome tools and often times we don't even know about them or we have forgotten they are available to us.  

If this exploration of the garment of praise blessed you and you would like to look at further explanations of supernatural gizmos, gadgets and glory gifts God has given us, please come back again.   Feel free to share this blog or any of this information with anyone you feel it would bless.

The Garment oF Praise is the first tool I have written about.

The next really awesome weapon I plan to write about is DIVINE FAVOR.



Lynda Denson

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