Masked Antifa protesters show up brandishing weapons at Texas 'drag brunch' with kids

POTUS, Beto ORourke, Speaker Pelosi, Rep Escobar, Sen Schumer, Rep Jerry Nadler, Greg Abbott_TX, ArmendarizDis16, Sen Ted Cruz Funny. Lawful citizens CANNOT have AR15s or a 2A but Democrats and Biden & ATFHQ FBI are fine with TERRORIST ANTIFA Gavin’s them

Masked members of Antifa responded to a protest by showing up openly wielding guns at a family-friendly drag show at a distillery.....

Kongress (NOT #Congress - they are a joke! #PeppermintPatty has lots more brains & Intelligence than mot these Spawns of #Satan !)
Introduces Ridiculous 1,000% #Tax On #AR15s – Our Forefathers Would Have Been Up In Arms By Now! (By the Way, why hasn't most of #WETHEPEOPLE said a word!?) #wakeupamerica - https://sonsoflibertymedia...

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